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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Idiot Bachelor

If there was ever a poster child for why a program should be finally cancelled, then Brad Womack would be that person. In the latest season of 'The Bachelor', this Austin native, who also has an identical twin brother, is in search of true romance as he evidently couldn't find it at the several bars and hang-outs he owns. Never did a bachelor look so incredibly dumb struck through out the show and never had anyone looked so juvenile as he oggled the scantily-clothed contestants. Just when I thought he couldn't nauseate me enough, when it came down to the two finalists, he wimped out and sent them both packing. I know those women were heart broken, but this jerk did them a huge favor. I hope ABC finally gets the message that this show is more trouble than its worth and cancels it altogether.


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