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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Than One Side To Her

Ever since Britney was rushed to the hospital after a three hour stand-off involving the custody of her children, every day brings new details of this last episode, none of which is creating the picture of a stable woman. The latest details include, the possibility that Britney may be suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Staff at Cedars-Sinai Hospital where she was taken recently, witnessed Britney speaking with a British accent and allegedly conducted her interview with Dr. Phil with that same accent, leading some to believe that she is indeed, in need of help. She also has been spotted on a hotel balcony, wearing nothing but a shirt and no pants with a photographer who may be trying to get close to Britney to sell photos and/or uncover information about her to sell to the tabloids, but this is all speculation. She also had her car impounded after she abandoned it due to a flat tire. None of these actions bode well for future custody hearings. Just when it seems things cannot get any stranger, they somehow do for this poor woman.


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