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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who's Right, Who's Wrong, Who Cares?

There has been a great debate on many of the so-called news and entertainment programs debating Dr. Phil's visit to Britney Spear's hospital room over last weekend. So much so, that a spokesperson for the Spears family was interviewed on the "Today" show announcing that the family was not happy with Dr. Phil's public statement about his visit with Britney. Lawyers have even debated this (is there nothing else newsworthy anymore other than Britney's personal crisis?). The fact is that the family allegedly called Dr. Phil's wife (a personal friend of Britney's mom, or so it has been reported) and pleaded with her to ask him to come down and talk some sense into this girl. She never asked him herself to talk to her and he was never appointed her personal psychologist. His statement was merely an observation on his part and nothing he said was no worse than anything anyone else has said about this girl. Indeed, he was grandstanding and totally self-promoting, but he did nothing illegal or immoral or anything else. A lot of good it did them any way. Apparently, Britney is so mad, she's not talking to any of them now, which is probably just as well since she's taken to speaking with a rather bad British accent.


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