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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Up until now, I've avoided posting about Elliot "Client 9" Spitzer nightmare. As a wife and mother of an impressionable teen, I think too much media attention, especially to the rising star prostitute, is too much. I firmly believe that this cast of characters and all their slimey details is a result of the hypocracy that exists in our society. Are we so desensitized that we no longer find these acts appalling? Have our expectations of our elected leaders fallen so low that we no longer blink an eye when they are caught breaking the law? And what of the woman I will only refer to as "Kristen"? If there ever was a negative role model for young girls, then it has to her. The fact that she might actually spin a career at of her infamy is so disturbing to me. Now she's upset that certain photos are circulating. Is she upset that those photos will destroy those chances or that she's not earning a penny to support her very lavious lifestyle? Whatever the reason, I can only hope that her fifteen minutes is up very soon.


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