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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Up And Down Life Of Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson is the well-known daughter of Beachboy, Brian Wilson and she is also known for her own music career as a member of Wilson Philips, the all girl vocal group, but she is probably best known for her weight problems. She has always been heavy, using food as a way to cope her way through a difficult childhood, but as an adult, she became so heavy that she resorted to weight reducing surgery that, at the time, was ground breaking. She even allowed herself to be videoed during her surgery so that millions of others who suffer the same problems, could see that there was a way out. The surgery allowed her to slim her way down so much so that she looked like a fashion model. However, her problems with food were never clearly dealt with and led her to years of alcohol abuse. She cleaned up her act and eventually her and her husband had a little girl. However, she has continuously struggled with weight issues having appeared on a number of talk shows and even a reality show to help her lose unwanted pounds. Now she claims she has hit rock bottom, blaming motherhood for her bad food habits and lack of sleep. Now this once talented singer, has made a longer career from her weight issues than for anything else she has ever done, including a successful run as a talk-show host. Maybe Carnie should watch my new favorite show on TLC called I Can Make You Thin. Here, host Paul McKenna, who is a famous hypnotist, will actually deal with the issues of emotional eating and help those who were hopeless to lose weight using their minds instead of useless diets. In fact, Paul doesn't believe in diets and believes that you can learn to eat anything you want just like thin people do and lose weight and he has hundreds of followers who have proven him right. If you have food issues just like Carnie, then you can watch Paul's show on TLC or click the link in this post to watch online and join his community to network with other folks.


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