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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CDEarth Brings Back Retro Fun

They say that simple minds are easily amused. Well, if that's really true, then you will love CDEarth.

CDEarth will bring you hours and hours of nothing but fun and when was the last time you spent hours and hours having fun? Probably years ago and that's why CDEarth has brought back some fabulous retro games to thoroughly amuse and entertain you. You will be transformed to another time when gas was still affordable and you didn't have to mortgage your house to get a haircut.

More importantly, CDEarth will bring back some joy into your life and introduce your kids to the simpler things in life. Everything old is eventually new again and the same holds true for classic video games.

With CDEarth Retro Games you will receive ten diverse, classic video games in one very entertaining collection. Go back in time and smash some bricks or pop some balloons and see how many levels you can get through. Forget about the stock market and gobble up some cookies while escaping from the ghosts. You can read the press release below to get more information about CDEarth. Bring some fun back into your life now with CDEarth.

CDEarth New Games CD - Hours of Wasted and Unproductive Fun

CD Earth new Greatest Classic Video Games CD includes 10 diverse, retro video games in one entertaining collection.

Dallas, TX May 31, 2008 -- CD Earth LLC, ( is excited to announce the release of the Greatest Classic Video Games CD now available for Windows PC and Mac OSX.

The new CD includes 10 classic games and will be a sure hit with anyone who played the original video games. Stack falling bubbles, break through brick walls, stack colors against the clock, eat cookies while avoiding pesky ghosts, pop balloons with harpoons, smash tomatoes plus rescue a princess all while putting your spaceship back together.

Preview of some of the games on the CD:

1. Break through over 50 unique, challenging levels. Power the bouncing ball to smash through brick walls. Lots of power-ups plus extra balls, energy balls, extra lives, weapons, glue, bonus floors, paddle expansion and extra score make the game even more fun.
2. Gobble up cookies while escaping from hungry ghosts in this updated version of the classic arcade game.
3. Smiling bubbles. Don't let the friendly smiles fool you. Group the falling bubbles to make them explode before they reach the top.
4. Pop balloons with a harpoon and avoid being hit in this fast-paced game.
5. Run and jump through multiple worlds, fighting off enemies by jumping on them or bumping them from below.
6. Eat your tomatoes. How many tomatoes can you smash in ten short minutes? If you have the time to spare, this game has the vegetables just waiting to be eliminated!
7. Colorful, addicting game where you quickly lineup blocks of the same color before time runs out.
8. Guide a lost traveler from outer space, through towers and across cemeteries to collect what he needs to rebuild his spaceship.

Customers can get this Greatest Classic Video Games CD for free by test-driving the CD Earth Software Library Club:

About CD Earth, LLC
CD Earth ( believes everyone should experience the benefits of a great software library. To help customers expand their software library, CDEarth offers a wide variety of some of the finest quality software on the market today through its unique Software Library Club. CD Earth's catalog includes software for families (, children (, home and office (, computer graphics ( and, of course, computer games (
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