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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why She Won't Talk

Mary-Kate Olsen has been in the new lately and it's not because of her fashion savvy, new movie or social scene she's been making. This multi-millionare diva is being sought after by none other than the FBI as they continue their investigation into the death of actor, Heath Ledger. Allegedly, Mary-Kate asked for immunity, before being questioned, otherwise she's not talking. Of course, the FBI are wondering where Heath got all those drugs that were found in his system. Could it be that someone may think that Heath got his drugs from a well-intentioned friend rather than a doctor? It seems all so sordid and makes one wonder why Mary-Kate is being so protective. Mary-Kate is no stranger to the party scene and it has been well-documented that she and Heath were good friends who hung out together, late into the night, at various party spots around NYC. She may have been one of the last people to see him alive as well and she was definitely one of the few people that was contacted when Heath was found unconscious. She allegedly supplied her own security detail that night to be dispatched to his apartment. So why won't she talk? Maybe she has something to hide or is just being protective. Then again, the whole thing may just be bringing up some very bad memories for her. You can be sure the truth will come out soon enough though.


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