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Sunday, April 02, 2006

When April Fools' Day Is No Laughing Matter

Yesterday was April 1st, otherwise known as April Fools' Day. This is the day you can expect someone to play a stupid, but otherwise harmless joke on you, but what happened to my husband was not at all funny and could have turned violent. He had his usual Saturday morning errands to do which includes a trip to the bank and then to our local bagel store for everyones' favorites. This is a treat my kids look forward to because they rarely have time to eat breakfast during the week. While my husband was opening up his car door to load up the car with bagels, coffee, etc., a couple pull in next to him in the parking lot and the driver (a male) starts screaming at my husband to "close the f...... door" so he can get out. He continued to scream at my husband so much so that crowd gathered to watch what would happen next. The man called my husband all sorts of names and dared him to come closer to him, which he did. Fortunately, my husband did not touch him, but made it clear that it would be very unwise of him to continue screaming at him in front of the gathered audience which also included this man's wife and young child. Thank goodness this guy finally backed down and I'm equally thankful that my husband didn't physically try to defend himself against someone who was clearly crazy and who could have been hiding a weapon. Needless to say, when he returned home he was very shaken, but otherwise okay. I asked him how come he didn't call the police since he had his cell phone on him, but in the moment I guess he was just not thinking clearly. Unfortunately, I had a similar experience in a parking lot last summer with a woman who felt that I was "in her way" so she began to verbally abuse me and she attempted to block my car in so I couldn't pull out of my parking spot. I did pull out my cell phone at the time and when she saw that she sped away. I don't know what happens to people when they get behind the wheel of a car that causes them to snap that way. Although I've never experienced that kind of rage while driving, I have gotten frustrated, but never enough to go after someone. I guess the moral of this story is to be very mindful of other drivers. You never know when a beautiful day can turn ugly.


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