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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In Her Big, Wonderful Shoes

Just by looking at the photo, I bet you think I'm going to review the movie version of 'In Her Shoes'.......well, I'm not smarty pants! Although this movie was a wonderful adaptation of the book, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet (it's out on DVD now), I just had to write about this book and it's author, Jennifer Weiner. The book itself, is listed as one of my all-time favorites in my profile. Just for the heck of it, I clicked on the book title in my profile, and I was surprised to find how many (most women) also listed this book as one of their favorites. Lots and lots of women actually (alot of air sign people like me - acquarians, geminiis and libras......we love to laugh!) Since this book chronicles the lives of two vastly different sisters, I wonder if this isn't the common thread that drew readers to this book, which is sometimes as painful as it is funny. The story of these girls who lost their mother so young is carefully dotted with details of how one sister got by on her looks, while covering up her secret (I'm not spilling it here! You'll just have to read the book), while the other excelled at everything else because she wasn't the pretty one. Of course there is a pot pourri of relatives that almost anyone can relate too, including a wicked stepmother, but most touching is the sisters reunion with their long-lost grandmother. Any author that can make me experience such a wide range of emotion from one page to another has me hooked! I've read almost everything Jennifer has written, including her short stories. Her first novel, 'Good In Bed' is just too delicious and, recently Jennifer appeared on Tony Danza's talk show touting her latest book, now out in paperback, 'Goodnight Nobody', which is the author's first murder mystery. If you are a mom, you will love 'Little Earthquakes', which chronicles the lives of a few vastly different women, all drawn to each other by the births of their first children. This book brought me back to my early days as a new parent so much, that it prompted me to write Jennifer an e-mail. She was very sweet inasmuch as she answered me back and adding me to her newletter list, which advises me of any new book releases and appearances. It would never had mattered to me if no one else liked 'In Her Shoes', but because so many of you do, I dedicate this post to you!


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