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Monday, May 01, 2006

Pick A Prom Dress

It's hard to believe that prom season is here, but that can only mean one thing: picking the perfect outfit for your special night! There's one brave girl from Levittown, Long Island (she goes to the same school as American Idol Contestant, Kevin Covais), who is allowing Newsday readers to choose her prom dress, but you don't have to be a reader to vote on one of five dresses. Just go to,0,4069009.story?vote23175295=1 and see the five dresses in the running and choose the one that you think looks best on Bianca. If you or someone you love is shopping for the prom, here are some tips from Seventeen Magazine on picking the right dress: Buy a dress that you will feel comfortable in. If you have to struggle to get it on and need a roll of double-stick tape to keep it from falling off, then forget it! Make sure you can sit and move around in the dress comfortably and bring a pair of heels to try on with your dress. Emphasize your assets without being vulgar. It's okay to wear a strapless dress, but nothing low cut. You can wear a short dress, but nothing micro sized. Trendy is okay as long as you are comfortable and if a dress needs too many alterations, then go with something else. Fixing a hem or straps is not a big deal, but if the dress has to be taken apart and put together again, chances are it won't look as good!


At 5/01/2006 10:55 AM, Anonymous pia said...

Didn't vote for the white satin--though I guess I should have--I would have worn the red bustier so I voted for that


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