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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Matt Lauer Vs. Ann Coulter

As you probably already know, Ann Coulter has been hawking her new book about liberals....."Something, something, something Godless". She's been up against some tough interviewers, but no one is really tougher than Matt Lauer. Remember his in-your-fact confrontation with Tom Cruise? He certainly didn't back down from Ann (who wisely took my advice and had her roots touched up for the occasion). Everyone who has interviewed Ann about her book, has confronted her about her unfair treatment of the widows of 9/11 (strangely, she mentions nothing about the widowers of 9/11). Ann is taken aback by Matt's pummeling questioning (actually, he was a lot nicer to her than anyone else who interviewed her) and she responds "you're being nasty with me", but she says it with a flirty little smile. I've come to the conclusion that perhaps Ann is just another frustrated woman who can't stop her biological clock from ticking. Maybe she sees those widows as just more competition for her in the real world where she just can't get a date to save her life. Maybe if she stopped trying to arm wrestle her potential boyfriends, she could get past the first date!


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