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Friday, June 09, 2006

Message From Blog Advance

Dear members, OK, so we teased you about an opportunity to earn 30 credits - quickly and easily. Just for making a blog entry. And you want to know what its all about. So here is the deal: Please write an article about Dropping Knowledge on your Blog. Of course only if you like or hate their idea enough, in short: If you find it interesting. What their idea is Dropping Knowledge is a charity that wants you and your friends to ask questions - any questions - to find out what you would like to change about the world. These questions are collected, discussed, and projects will be formed to address your wishes and worries. They want to better the world without the help of governments, politicians or the mainstream media, to really get to the core of matters that bug people. It’s a way to give every person a voice… and that voice, via a posted question, should actually lead to change. So, why are they giving out 30 credits if you blog about them? Well, you as a blogger are an opinion leader, and they want to hear your opinion. Of course, you’re free to write something positive, something negative, treat it serious, ridicule it, question it or post something about the question you asked on their website. They respect the Blogosphere, freedom of expression is sacred to them - after all, it is what half their project is about. They really want your honest opinion. Visit the site, check it out. If you like (or hate) the concept, write a blog entry about it and/or host their webband - you can find that (and the appropriate code) at If you write an article about them, BlogAdvance will credit you 20 credits. If you additionally carry the webband, we’ll give you 10 extra for a total of 30 credits. Deb and tell her you have posted on your blog to confirm you are participating. We’re going to check your entry out and immediately credit you accordingly! This is a great organization and if you care about what goes on in YOUR world, then help support this worthy cause! The BlogAdvance Team BlogAdvance To contact visit our contact page


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