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Friday, June 09, 2006

Now That I've Got Your Attention.....

Okay, now that I've got your attention, I'm here to remind you that it's that time of year again....swimsuit season. It's a time that strikes the utmost fear into the hearts of most women. There's nothing more challenging than having to try on a bathing suit in a dressing room with poor overhead lighting, three-way mirros and surveillance cameras. The good news is that black is the new black, at least in terms of swimsuit colors. As all women know (we were born with this knowledge), black is the most slimming color on the planet and it's the hottest new color in swimsuit fashion this season. For those who don't have a bikini body like my friend in the photo (she's really not my friend, by the way!), here are a few tips for buying a bathing suit: Besides choosing black (at lease for the bottom part of your body), vertical strips placed strategically on the suit can give the body a much more elongated and slimmer look. Shirring at the waist can give the illusion of a much more defined tummy area. If you have a small bust, choose a suit that has an underwire demi bra built into it to give you a more balanced look. If you love a two-piece bathing suit (like I do), but don't want a bikini, try a tankini instead. Two companies are offering women the opportunity to buy a swimsuit made from a brand new material that will slim you down, without choking you to death. The material they use, called Miratex, can be found in the brand name Miracle Suits, which offer the most comfort, while giving you the most slimming looks. They can be found at and


At 6/15/2006 5:29 AM, Blogger bharath said...

Hi Susan.
Liked yr blog Do visit mine also. Take care


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