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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ann Coulter - The Goddes Of The Godless

Yesterday was the debut of Ann Coulter's new book, 'The Church of Liberalism Godless". Since this is a beauty and blogging blog and I've been very remiss about mentioning neither very regularly lately, I thought I would make this my niche post for the week and kill two birds with one stone (one bird being a diehard conservative). Don't get me wrong, Ann is a beautiful and very intelligent woman, who can spin better than most of those stuffed shirts in D.C. Politically, I can't think of one thing we have in common, but I still find her somewhat fascinating, but it's not her politics that fascinate's her hair. It's mind boggling to me that Ann, who can frequently be seen on most of the cable news shows, allows herself to be put before the camera with her dark roots showing much more than the allowable one inch (I didn't make up this rule, a famous hair stylist did that). Frankly, it's disconcerting that someone who is so highly visible would a let her roots grow out to the point where one must wonder why she doesn't fire her freakin' stylist for not pointing this out to her. Who cares if she thinks that all liberals are the spawn of Satan (isn't that why she released her book on 6/6/6/?). If she really wants women to listen and respect her views, then she needs to touch up those roots at least once a month, otherwise forget it! Maybe she can become a spokesperson for Clairol or Revlon like Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore. Afterall, why should all the liberals corner the beauty market. Certainly there's room enough for one conservative. Anything to get those roots touched up! As for the blogging part of my niche....Ann Coulter is the number one search (just in case you're keeping track).


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