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Monday, June 05, 2006

Law And Order: Manilow!

One of my all-time favorite cop shows is 'Law and Order'. How lucky for me there are about seveteen different versions of this show on about eight different channels. This post isn't about the show really, but I thought it deserved a plug. However, the law in Sydney, Australia is trying to maintain some order in a local carpark (parking lot for you yanks) by piping Barry Manilow's greatest hits through a PA system. They'll be playing some of Barry's most popular ('Mandy', 'Copacabana', 'Can't Smile Without You', 'Time In New England') 24 hours a day. Why, might you ask, are they doing this? Well, apparently some hoons (hot rod enthusiasts for you yanks) have been gathering on a nightly basis revving their motors so loud that they are driving away (no pun intended) potential customers for local businesses and restaurants in the area. Apparently, these hoons (motorheads) hate daggy music (easy listening for you yanks) and the local police department hopes that a healthy (or unhealthy as it were) dose of Barry will eventually drive (no pun intended) away. As my regular readers all know, I'm a huge fan of Barry's so I found this both amusing and insulting all at the same time. What can I tell you....Barry brings out the emotion in me. I don't think the law took one thing into account though. Maybe those hoons will become Fanilows after all! (My sincere apologies in advance to fans all over the world for the use of the term Fanilow).


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