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Sunday, October 15, 2006

You On A Diet

From the same people who brought you the previous "You" books, Dr. Michale F. Roizen and Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, now comes "You On A Diet". The book is so new I couldn't even find a photo of it, but it has a dark blue cover. This is being touted as a break-through in learning how to control weight, explained in simple language that anyone can understand. Both doctors point out the importance of exercise (30 minutes of walking every day combined with a series of simple exercises every other day to help increase muscle mass, which will burn fat. Diet tips include eating three main meals a day, plus two snacks. The list of meals is very simple and the choices are minimal. The philosophy is that too many choices in a diet leads to weight gain, not loss. Of course, you have to replace all refined carbs with whole grains (brown rice instead of white rice, whole wheat pasta, instead of regular pasta. Also, you must remove all trans fats from your diet as well because that increases the fat in the belly. Increased belly fat is connected to many diseases, including the biggest culprit, heart disease. The diet consists of lean meats, whole foods like fresh veggies and fruit, whole grain bread as well as whole grain pasta, brown rice and raw nuts. The theory is that if you follow this plan, both diet and exercise, then you can reduce your waistline by two full inches in two weeks. You will not only be looking better, but giving yourself a better life all around, including better health. The book is available now at book stores.


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