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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Bitch Is Back

I know! It's a terribly mean-spirited thing to call this great vocalist the "B" word, but I ask you, how fair is it for her fans to pay beyond top dollar for her concert and have to be subjected to her political views? We expect to see political satire on SNL or 'The Daily Show', but not musical concert, or at least we shouldn't expect to. I think some performers feel a certain sense of entitlement as if they own the stage upon which they are performing. They feel it is their God-given right to either back a politician or condemn one, as in her case with President Bush. Now, I am not a Bush supporter, but I take offense to some of the things she does in her show. People come to hear her sing and not be subjected to what she feels is funny. One heckler voiced his displeasure and she blatantly told him to go f.... himself if he couldn't take a joke. He was then offered a refund for the show, which he wisely took and she apologized, but couldn't security have handled the heckler instead? She could have taken the high road and made the choice to be gracious enough to not offend other people and let them handle him. Instead, she made it clear that it was her show and she will do as she pleases. Give me Barry Manilow any day of the week. I have no idea what his political affiliation is and he never uses his captive audience to voice his opinions about it. It would seem that Barbra could learn a few things from her fellow former Brooklynite, but I doubt she would ever think so.


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