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Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Message From Blog Advance

Here's a new message from Blog Advance. Remember, if you want more information or to join, just click the Blog Advance icon in my side bar:

Well, Christmas is coming up and we could all do with some extra cash during the silly season, so BlogAdvance is going to help one lucky blogger. The ultimate surf competition is now underway with a cash prize of $100 up for grabs.

The competition will run from now till the 15th of December and the rules are simple:

* Make sure your blog has your BlogAdvance referral button on display in your sidebar
* Surf via BlogAdvance!!!!

Pretty easy and no strings!

On the 15th we will send the highest surfer $100, via PayPal, to do with as they please. Remember: if the highest surfer is not displaying their BlogAdvance referral button, the prize will go to the next blog that does. So stay tuned for the next newsletter where we will announce the winner.

Special thanks to Intuity Hosting for sponsoring this competition and if you're using a free blog platform and have been thinking of taking the next step of owning your own domain, go and visit where you'll find the right package to suit your blog's needs, with competitive pricing for top quality service that costs next to nothing


3. BlogAdvance Forum

BlogAdvance Forum has has a facelift. In fact, it would be fair to say it's had a new lease of life!

Come take a look, register and participate in the blogging community forum that started it all. While we can no longer boast of being the largest blog community forum on the internet, we still offer advice for better blogging, blog reviews from several members to give a broader base from which to improve from and it still has a lot of heart.

Re-register today and come in on the ground floor.


4. Where Have My Credits Gone?

We are receiving some emails from members asking why they haven't received their credits from surfing. We would like to make it clear that all credits earned from surfing are allocated directly to your blog(s) to release the credits you have to click on your blog(s) and edit the credit allocation from within your user control panel. Once you have done that all credits will be transferred to your account and you canbegin allocating how many credits you wish to use.

If you're still having problems please check out our tutorial section on the BlogAdvance forum.



This is for our new members, so you old timers can skip to the next section and get an extra 3 minutes of surf time in.

When you join up with BlogAdvance, you receive 25 free credits to help kickstart your blog on our rotation, but you need to allocate those credits to your blog. Simply go into your User Control Panel, which is up the top of your screen when you first log in and click on Allocate Your Credits. Once you've clicked on that, it'll take you to another screen where you can allocate your free 25 credits to your blog. Having trouble finding this option? Well we've colored this option in red and we've made it bold, all the harder to miss!



Just to help you that little bit further, BlogAdvance will be upping the surf ratio from 1:1 to 1.5:1 on the weekends. So from Friday to Saturday, you have a chance to not only better your chances in the $100 sweepstakes but to drive more traffic to your blog. Watch out for days when we're feeling extra generous and bumping up the ratio an extra .5 per click and we go 2 for 1! We won't be announcing it, so log in and see if you get lucky.


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