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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Great Smelling Faux Tan

Faux tans are all the rage, all year long, but some of these products smell awful. Worse yet, the smell stays on your skin which can make you feel very self conscious. The additive that causes the funny smell is DHA and many products have this additive, but one company, Jergen's, has figured out a way to mask the smell with a soft honeysuckle scent. Their Soft Shimmer Moisturizer will not only leave your skin soft and smooth, but you will smell great and, over a few days of use, you will develop a soft and natural looking tan. This is the perfect anecdote for a long, gray winter. You can find this and other Jergen's products at all drug and discount stores so they are easy to get and are very reasonably priced.


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