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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Secrets Of The Secret

Again, forgive me for my belated post. I haven't yet figured out how to access blogger from my own computer, so I use my work computer to write these posts. This past week, I have been immersed in 'The Secret'. For those who don't know (and you have to be living under a rock not to know about this book/DVD), 'The Secret' is really about how to tap into the laws of the universe, or, more importantly, into the laws of attraction in order to change your life. It really all begins with your brain and how you think. Some great exercises to do in order to begin your journey toward abundance is to start a journal. Every day write five things you are grateful for. Use the other half of the journal to ask the universe for what you really want in life; a better job, a loving relationship, a new car, new house, more money to pay bills. Be very clear about what you want and tap into the frequency of energy that will lead you to your best possible life. For more information about 'The Secret', go to and sign up for a free online course to be given weekly.


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