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Friday, May 18, 2007

Paris Vindicated.....Sorta

Do we ever get tired of Paris Hilton? Apparently not. Even CNN's Nancy Grace devoted a good portion of her show to Paris' vindication. Well, it really wasn't a vindication, but it was enough that the Court decided to reduce Paris' jail term from forty-five days down to twenty-three because she's been a very good girl. She's shown up on time for her subsequent court appearances and she's not driving her own car. She's gone as far to dress appropriately and stay home late nights, rather than party. Kathy Hilton, Paris' mom issued a statement to the holier-than-thou Barbara Walters on 'The View', that she hoped that young people would learn from her daughter's mistake. One could only hope. Paris is still a young girl's dream. Maybe the twenty-six year old heiress, who decided to drop her appeal and live with the twenty-three days in jail will finally live up to her role model image. In the meantime, we hear she's taking karate lessons just in case she needs to protect herself while in the slammer.


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