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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Ageless Diva

Yes, there is such a thing as an ageless diva, and her name is Suzanne Somers. I wrote a while back about how Suzanne was going to start a subsidiary of her already very popular and varied lines as seen on the Home Shopping Network, whereby her long-time fans could promote and sell the very same products. Well, Suzanne is doing for all her fans, what she has been doing for herself for years; giving them the opportunity to make money marketing the very same products she's been selling for years. Suzanne's famous products can be seen at Agless Diva and the home page displays many items which are on sale. Items are categorized very simply and the website is very easy to navigate, making choosing products and ordering very simple and easy. Some of my favorite products are available, including the Facemaster, which I highly recommends (yes, it really works!) as well as the one product that first made her the queen of marketing, the thighmaster, which you can purchase for a great price. If you are a fan of Suzanne's Somerize products like the wonderful flourless brownies or the Somer Sweet for baking your own products. There is a whole section dedicated to Suzanne's skin care line which has been very popular with her fans as well as the one thing that probably started her huge success on the Home Shopping Network, her fabulous jewelry line. I've bought a few pieces of Suzanne's jewelry and they are very well-made and the classic styles can be worn from season to season. I have bought one of her cornerstone pieces, her trilliant bracelet which is stunning and her watches are beautiful as well as functional and well made. Maybe you'll become so addicted to Suzanne's products that you will want to become a representative. From what I understand, it's fun and easy to do and you get a great deal of support. This information came to me through an acquaintance who joined the company early on and got the pleasure of meeting Suzanne in person on a number of occasions. If you have to make some money, you might as well have some fun and look fabulous while you're doing it.


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