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Friday, April 04, 2008

She's All About Her Blackberry

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Madonna. On the one hand I find her fascinating. She blazed a musical trail and she has always been a fashion icon, but she has presented some cringe-worthy moments in many of her interviews and her latest in Elle magazine is no exception. It doesn't help that Simon Doonan is doing the interviewing as he literally and figuratively falls all over himself while holding court with Madonna in her home in London. He points out Madonna's tight ass and face and while Madge is facing the big five O this year, one has to wonder which one has seen the scalpel of a plastic surgeon in recent years. True enough, Madonna has a brand new CD which will drop at the end of April entitled "Hard Candy" (what could she possibly be referring to???), but more importantly, Madonna is a champion for Malawi the small African country where her adopted son David was born. In fact, Madonna has recently directed a film on Malawi and is planning on opening an all-girl school there in the future possibly similar to the one opened by Oprah, also in Africa, a few years earlier. Of course Simon has to ask about her intimate life; she is afterall a sex-symbol of our generation, and Madonna doesn't disappoint as she describes her sex life with her husband, Guy Ritchie as "incredible". How incredible can it be though if they both sleep with their Blackberries under their pillows? Perhaps Madge feels an obligation to put a good face on a marriage that has been reported to be in trouble. However you may feel about the material mom and artist, she never ceases to be fascinating, but some may say it's like a bad car accident that you just can't help slowing down to take a good long look.


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