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Friday, August 15, 2008

And Now For A Little Girl Talk

Today was a very typical day for me until the mail came. My mailman always comes around 3 PM. I do wish he could deliver the mail earlier, especially on a day like today, but I guess I might as well wish for a million dollars (I'd probably be more likely to get that). In any event, I grabbed the mail and began going through each envelope, but stopped short at one that came from my gynocologist's office. This is never a good thing, especially on a Friday afternoon. Sure enough, when I ripped open the envelope, there was a letter stating that my last Pap smear, which was taken a few weeks ago, came back abnormal. This isn't the first time this has happened, but my last pap smear before that one was normal so I was very surprised, especially when I continued to read on. My doctor wants to perform a coloscopy. In fact, the exact wording was "required". Of course, when I called the office, my doctor wasn't in (she never is on a Friday) and the receptionist told me that the computer was down so basically, I was sh... out of luck until Monday. I have gone through many emotions since this afternoon. I did basically freak out at one point, but since I have been able to make a connection with at least one friend who assured me it's no big deal. She's had two of these tests and then everything was normal. In fact, I've scoured the internet looking for similar scenarios and thankfully, there were tons of recounts from women who basically went through the same thing and, most of the time, it never went further than that. I'm still not entirely at ease, but what can one do on a Friday night other than drink a bottle of wine and eat ice cream and chocolate? I'm thankful to have a very cautious doctor. She has alarmed me on more than one occasion over the last twenty-five years, but I trust her judgment. Ladies, keep your friends close and your gynocologists even closer.


At 9/05/2008 2:20 AM, Blogger para said...

god bless you!


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