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Friday, August 08, 2008

Should We Be Surprised?

I normally don't write about stuff like this, but the latest bombshell that yet another holier-than-thou politician has fallen from grace deserved at least one post from me. So John Edwards cheated on his wife. Should we really be surprised? Some of the most publicly popular politicians like Bill Clinton and former Governor Spitzer, just to name two, were not only cheaters, they exhibited the tendencies of those who are sexually addicted. It would seem to me that such behavior goes with the territory, similar to superstar athletes. Is it is their narcisstic ego that drives them to do such things or that it's just thrown in their face and they just can't help themselves. In Edwards case, it may be that he was coping very poorly with a wife who was suffering from breast cancer. So is this the end of his political career? I doubt it. Somewhere down the road, all will be forgiven. I'm sure in the back of his mind he probably thinks the same thing.


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