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Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet Ruby

I'm back from taking a much deserved blogging break to report about my newest and favorite reality show simply entitled "Ruby". If you don't already know, Ruby is an absolutely charming, beautiful and captivating southern belle, who is sharing with the rest of the world, her battle with obesity. After her doctor has warned her of some serious health consequences, Ruby enlists her close friends and family to help her lose the weight necessary so she can lead relatively normal and healthy life. She is unbelievably candid about her feelings and there are some very touching and painful moments caught on camera, including people who make rude comments or simply just stare at her in disbelief. There are over 96 million people who suffer from obesity in our country (many of whom are very young people) and this show really goes far to show the issue of prejudice in the very simple things we all take for granted like chairs that are suitable for everyone. How ironic for Ruby when she goes to see a doctor who specializes in obesity, when she realizes that there are no chairs in the waiting room suitable for her. Viewers also become aware of how the people around Ruby have often enabled her to feed (literally) her addiction to food. It is a learning experience for them as well as for us. You can tune in to new episodes of "Ruby" on the Style channel on Sunday nights at 8PM or for more information about Ruby, just click here.


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