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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Name Is S, And I'm A Cosmetic Junkie

Last night my daughter asked me if we could go shopping today. I've been avoiding the malls since before Christmas. Begrudgingly, I asked her what she had in mind and she said Ulta. She had gotten some gift cards for Chanukah and she was itching to cash them in for some goodies. I didn't even wait for her to finish the sentence because I'm hooked on this store and others like it....apparently, she is too (am I responsible for this???). I love Ulta...I love Sephora. I love the way the products are neatly lined up on glass shelving, displaying all the latest and greatest promising beautiful, younger-looking skin, pouty lips and the longest, lushest eye lashes humanly possible. I love the idea that I can get sleek, silky hair from a bottle or that I can get glossy, pouty lips from a tube. I love all the beautiful people that work in these stores with their carefully highlighted hair and cute, matching t-shirts and aprons bearing the store's logo. I can feel my endorphins sore just at the thought of getting ready to go to my chosen destination. Shopping for clothes doesn't do this for me anymore and....(shudder), neither does shopping for jewelry. It's all about those promises in all those little bottles, boxes and tubes that make me want to jump for joy. Everyone has their little addictions and this one is mine! I'll let you know what my haul was later in the day......after I come down from my high!


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