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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Why Bother Blogging? When I started blogging originally, I wanted to have an outlet to channel my creativity. I also needed to overcome the shock of being dismissed from my previous position two weeks before Christmas (yes, Virginia, there really is a Scrooge). I have done lots of research over the last couple weeks about blogging and here are some interesting facts I did not know. Two bloggers have recently gotten very lucrative book deals. Of course, they're both hookers (one lives in London, the other Brazil), but still this puts blogging on the map big time! Also, internet journalists can now be considered for a Pulitzer Prize. Okay, bloggers don't really count, but it's a step in the right direction. Blogging is not only a great outlet for anyone to express their feelings or their passions (mine is obviously shopping for cosmetics and skin care....and chocolate), but is can generate some money for you too! I added Google Adsense so that anytime anyone clicks on those annoying little adds you see, I make a few cents. I also added a google toolbar, an Amazon button and an adsense button so that other people can benefit from my blog as well. Having me have this blog helps me to focus on something positive and keeps me from dwelling on my recent job loss. If you've dropped by here and I've done anything at all to enhance your day, even just a little, then that's good enough for me!


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