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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Unlikliest Enemies

We all know how bad the sun is for unprotected skin. For those who don't wear sunscreen regularly (SPF15 or over), the sun can create an accelerated aging process (not to mention raise your risk of developing a melanoma). A very famous and much-sought-after dermatologist recently made an appearance on Oprah not that long ago. The teaser to her segment was that she was going to announce what is the single, most important anti-aging product for the skin. After the commercial, she returned and simply said "sunscreen". That's it. It is the most important ingredient you can look for in any skin care product you buy as well as any foundation you wear. Although it is said that you only need one product with the SPF, wearing more than one (for instance a moisturizer and a foundation) will give you added protection which is never a bad thing. Also, if your moisturizer has an SPF of 20 and your foundation has an SPF of 15, you do not have a total SPF protection of 35. The most protection you have is 20, but that's more than enough. Another skin ravager is smoking. Cigarette smoking will carve little lines above your mouth (from all that puffing) so, if you haven't yet quick, just think about what it's doing to your face. Diet is very important in the anti-aging process. Too much sugar and fatty food will definitely takes its toll on your skin. If you want to read a great book on a very holistic approach to anti-aging, then pick up a copy of Dr. Perricone's book on how to eat to reverse the impact of poor diet on your skin. An overview will show you that if you stick to whole foods, whole grains, raw nuts and, most importantly, salmon, you will see a difference in the clarity of your skin as well as the diminishing of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You may also drop a few pounds by eliminating the sugar and white flour products that are forbidden foods on his plan. Other factors that will hinder the appearance of your skin are stress, too little sleep and an underlying illness that has gone unnoticed. If you haven't been for a check-up for a while and your skin is starting to show signs of dry patchiness and/or a change in the pallor of your complexion, definitely get yourself checked out to make sure there is no medical connection. You can even discuss with your doctor what you can do to help improve the condition of your skin or he/she can refer you to a dermatologist.
A holostic approach to anti-aging needs to include exercise as well. Making these changes will, over time, really improve the appearance of your skin and your overall well being.


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