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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Not-So-Simple Life of Paris And Nicole

'The Simple Life' will begin it's newest season starting this Sunday at 9PM on the 'E' Network. 'E' has been hyping the new season for the last few months by showing re-runs and snippets from the new season. Fox dropped this show like a hot potato when Paris and Nicole split and Paris tried to replace Nicole with someone else (Rod Stewart's daugther). 'E' stepped in and made a deal with both Paris and Nicole that they could continue on their network, but there was one hitch. Apparently, Paris and Nicole hate each other. The solution was to tape the first episode with them together. Each subsequent episode would have one or the other, but not both together. The hype about their split has been so intense, it makes me wonder if maybe the split itself isn't a hype to promote the show since it's no longer on Fox. Everyone wants a piece of the ongoing feud, or so it seems. MTV plans to pit the duo against each other in a celebrity death match. What next....having their pooches compete on Animal Planet? Frankly, I think they peaked a while ago as a team anyway and the new season is supposed to be horrific (as if they first two were bad enough).


At 6/01/2006 12:28 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

Only time will tell if the show will be a success. I read an article saying it would be a flop b/c the girls are not talking and are not even filmed together.


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