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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Baby, Baby, Baby

There's always celebrities in the news, but today much of it was about babies. First off, Madonna is not adopting one, so says her rep, Liz Rosenberg. She is, however, planning on building an orphanage and daycare center in Malawi, an African country, hard hit by the AIDS epidemic that has claimed the lives of many men and women. As a result there are more and more children every day who are left orphans. Madonna has been wanting to do something big for the greater good for a long time now and she has teamed up with economic guru Jeffrey Sachs. In fact, she spoke with former President Bill Clinton, who heads up the global initiative about ways to bring low-cost medicine to the region as well. She is underwriting a documentary about the country's children in the near future......Tori Spelling and her second husband, Dean McDermott, are expecting their first child together next spring......Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgaard welcomed a new baby girl named Ramona into their lives on Tuesday.......Matt Lauer and his estranged wife, Annette, are expecting a third child together and supposedly Annette withdrew her petition for separation.........Finally, Anna Nicole Smith is in for more grief as her former boyfriend gears up to fight her for custody of her baby girl, Dannielynn Hope. Larry Birkhead claims that Anna Nicole is allegedly addicted to pain medication and he wants her and her baby back in California for DNA testing to prove his paternity. Meanwhile, People Magazine has a photo spread of her committment ceremony to her long-time attorney and close friend, Howard K. Stern. The photos show Anna and Howard in happier moments since the death of her son Daniel, last month.


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