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Monday, October 16, 2006

Banishing Dark Circles

Do you suffer from under-eye dark circles? You are not alone! Many, many women have dark circles for which they have spent hundreds of dollars in an effort to either remove or cover up. There are now many products on the market that claim to banish dark circles, but they come with a very high price tag. The one pictured in this post sells for $75 and up depending on where you purchase it and women have experienced varied results from this product. Discount chains offer similar products for a fraction of the cost with supposedly the same or very similar ingredients, but again, results are varied. One home remedy to help eliminate dark circles is to slice raw potatoes and place them under your eyes every morning. I've not tried this myself, but those who have say it works, but it's time consuming. One product I have tried which does exactly what it says it does is Hi-Bright with Haloxyl from Serious Skin Care. The tube sells for around $32 on
Home Shopping but, it's so popular that it's out of stock right now. Serious Skin Care is also available at Ulta so you can try there if HSN is out of stock. This product claims to help improve the look of the entire eye area, lessen the appearance of dark under eye circles and visibly diminish the look of puffiness. I can say, uneqiuvocally, that it does all of these things so for around $32 (for which you receive a nice size tube)it's a bargain because a little goes a long way.


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At 5/26/2011 3:51 AM, Anonymous Hair Loss Remedies said...

Make a paste of sandal wood and nutmeg . Apply it around of eyes while go to the bed and wash it properly in the morning. It’s a good paste for your eyes.


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