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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Message From Blog Advance

Here's the latest message from blog surfing site, Blog Advance. You can sign up with them by clicking on the icon in my sidebar.

1. The November Blog of the Month is Crazy Like A Fox.

Crazy Like A Fox is a no holds barred personal account of one woman's life as she takes you on a rollercoaster ride of the highs and lows that occur in her life.

She is honest, frank and in your face - and well worth the read.

Check her blog out today!


2. Referral Awards as previously mentioned in our last newsletter has now been set to 1 credit for every unique visitor that clicks your referral link. Also to make it more appealing, if the person signs up under your referral number, each time they surf you earn credits each time they do.

So the more people you refer, the more credits you will earn without doing anything!! Make sure you spread the word about BlogAdvance and use your referral to earn bonus credits.


3. Member Banner Ads

We would appreciate if all members who set up banner ads for their banners, to please make sure that they give the correct image link. We have been getting a couple where the banner has not been linked correctly and therefore not showing.

Also, we have been rejecting some banners due to them not being the correct size. We are only accepting standard banner sizes. 468 x 60

We understand members use credits to show their banners on rotation and we don't want to not allow certain banners due to the wrong sizes, so please can you make sure before placing a banner in queue that you have the correct dimensions.


4. New Members Free Credits

We have had a handful of new signups asking why their site has not been seen on rotation, with their free sign up credits. We understand people will sign their blog up with us and see how their site is seen with the free credits, kind of like dipping your toe in the water so to speak and if they are happy with the results, then they will surf more to gain more credits.

When you sign a blog up you automatically gain 25 free sign up credits, however you HAVE to allocate them to your blog before your blog will go on rotation, if you don't allocate them then they will just sit in your account and you will not earn any free traffic to your blog.

So please make sure you have allocated your credits to your blog(s) before sending in a support email to us.


5. BlogAdvance Official Blog

Not only does our official blog keep you updated on what is happening here at BlogAdvance, we now have expanded it to start giving our members and non members updates on what we think is blogging news.

We also have plans on opening it up to guest posts and interviews of some well known bloggers to get tips on how you can increase your blog popularity.

We want to keep bloggers in the loop on all the latest blogging news, so make sure to check out our official blog.

Finally the team would like to wish all our members a Happy and Spooky Halloween.

The BlogAdvance Team



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