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Monday, October 30, 2006

Pumpkins - More Treats Than Tricks

With Halloween just around the bend, I thought I would write about all the great beauty products that are either pumpkin scented and/or contain pumpkin enzymes, which are rich in beta-carotene and other essential vitamins which are so good for hair and skin. One product that I absolutely love is from Philosophy and perfect for this time of year as pictured here. Philosophy's Pumpkin Pie Body and Hair Shampoo smells so yummy and is really a great bargain for the price (around $16 at Sephora or at
QVC . You can actually use this product as a shampoo, bubble bath or shower wash. It smells amazing, as do all the body and hair shampoos from this company, and more suprisingly, leaves your skin and hair, cleansed and moisturized. Sexy Hair, which can be found at Ulta , just came out with an entire line of shampoos and conditioners all infused with pumpkin enzymes. They not only leave your hair very well-nourished, but they smell amazing and range in price from $14.95 to $24.95 for all the various products in this line from shampoos, conditioners, treatment masques and styling products. As always, Bath and Body Works , has many different products with that wonderful pumpkin fragrance. Check out their Temptations line of products which include Pumpkin Pie Paradise. The line has a product similar to Philosphy calle the three-in-one body wash, bubble bath and shampoo. You will also find body lotions, home fragrance oils and cancles all with this rich scent selling between $7.50 and $12 and a skin care line which includes a Pumpkin & Orange Masque for the face which sells for $38.


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