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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Clean Hair All The Time

Years ago there used to be a product that you could buy at the drugstore that was used to clean hair in between washings. It came in a can and you would spray it on your hair and brush through. It came out all white and even after brushing, it left a sticking residue on hair that left it looking more dirty than before. It was hardly the answer to an long-standing problem that women, and men too, have been experiencing for decades. Now there is an instant dry shampoo available that leaves no white residue, but does leave hair clean, shiny and revitalized. When I think back on my school days, I can think of many times when I could have used this product quickly during my morning rush to propel myself out the door on time. Many mornings I left with my hair, which was quite long in those days, unkempt and unclean. I see my own daughter struggle with her hair and it brings back memories. She also wears her hair long and loves it to looks sleek and shiny, but that takes a couple of hours to achieve. Now, with this product, she can go in between washings and get that sleek, shiny look in just minutes. This is a great dry shampoo is something that you will want to have at home and at work too! Many times, women on the go, have multiple meetings after work and what a great little tool this is to have handy to keep in your desk. What's even more unique is that you can buy this dry shampoo to color match your hair. It comes in brunette, blonde, silver and black shades. This is great since most women would want to enhance the color of their hair and you can do that with this unique product. This is a great time-saving product and who couldn't use something that buys us more time? You might even get to sleep a little later a few mornings a week, thanks to this product or, you might get to watch your favorite program at night, rather than spend that time washing and styling your hair. It's really a great find for any person who has a very busy life.


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