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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dumping The Media

If I understand this correctly, John Mayer actually gave a press conference explaining why he dumped Jennifer Aniston. Is he kidding?? Do we really care about this crap?? Apparently, John is not only an egotistical moron who has an insatiable need to hook up with any female celebrity that can get his photo in the tabloids, but he is obviously mistaking us for someone who actually gives a shit. Jennifer isn't saying a word, wise woman that she is, but her friends say she did the dumping. Why? (as if you care). She found out what we already knew...that John is an immature jerk who is more concerned about how many women he's photographed with than having an actual relationship. John, do us all a favor and don't speak...just sing and Jennifer, please make better choices in guys.


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