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Monday, August 18, 2008

Recycle With Freecycle

I'm all about the greening of our environment and one way to do that is through recycling. Most of our communities already have recycling programs for plastic, tin and glass, but what about the rest of the stuff we no longer want or use? This is the stuff we know we will never get a chance to sell at a garage sale. Or, maybe you already had a garage sale and want to get rid of the remainder. Well, you can with freecycle. This is a global community that swaps all kinds of stuff from clothing to furniture to electronics and more. By swapping what you no longer use, you are keeping things out of landfills and by getting more stuff this way you can save yourself some money and not add to what is already more than abundant in the world. I've been happy about joining one that is in my own community through Yahoo. I've been able to purge some of what has been cluttering up my shed, freeing up some space and giving away what I no longer need or use and sharing it with someone else. Find a Freecycle community where you live and start cleaning up your home and the environment all at the same time.


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