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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Today's Haul

I was surprisingly restrained on my trip to Ulta. I guess I'm a little tense as I haven't heard back about the job interview, but I remain hopeful nevertheless. There's lots of fifty percent off items at Ulta, but it's mostly hair product gift packs and Christmas scented things like candles, body lotions and scrubs. My biggest find was Laura Geller's Get Tp Know kit for $24.99. The kit contains a mini lipstick in sunset, a mini lip and eye spackle, a mini Mighty lash fortifier, Spackle Make-up Primer, Vanilla Stick Foundation and Bubble Blush in Pearly Plum. A great price for this kit and there were only two left when I purchased it. I also got SallyHansen's Fast & Flawless Skin Brightener w/ Retinol. This is great under your foundation as it adds a touch of glow and makes a nice primer. I really needed another tube of Sally Hansen's 18 Hour Protective Hand Creme (great with shea butter) and Vaseline Lip Therapy (two tubes) which is hard to find anywhere else. Of course, my daughter had to have another gloss and eye pencil as well. All and all, a very satisfying day of shopping!


At 3/15/2007 2:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have fast and flawless skin brightener(bronze) from sally hansen as well
and am wondering if u ever put this stuff on over night.

i really wanna find out if it is face-flattering.


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