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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Google Indexing

Here's a little known fact that some bloggers need to know in order to get their blogs indexed by Google. When you begin blogging, you will see "Links" in your sidebar. Underneath, you will see "Edit-Me" usually twice. These are placed there so that when you finally do add links to your blog, you can put them in place of "Edit-Me". If you have no links to add and you are not intending on using that "Edit-Me" space any time soon, then remove both the "Edit-Me" place markings so that Google will go ahead and index your blog. If Google sees those "Edit-Me" placements still on your blog, they will consider your blog a work in progress and will hold off indexing your blog until it is finalized. You will want your blog to be indexed by Google so that when readers begin doing searches, your blog will be among those that are listed by Google.


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