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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

That's What Friends Are For

I've made lots of friends through blogging and have found some of the nicest, most helpful people on the internet (yes, there are normal people on the internet, although some times they are few and far between, but not in the blogging world). From these wonderful people, I've gained knowledge about how to tweak my blog, find genuine income from blogging and how to generate traffic. One of the best tips I've ever gotten was about leaving comments on other blogs. By leaving a comment on another blog, you are not only supporting other bloggers' creations, but you are also leaving a calling card for your own blog. Since I enjoy reading other blogs, this is not a difficult thing for me to do. I've not only given some positive feedback to other bloggers, but I've gotten the same in return on many occasions. Of course, in the world of blogging, there's always a down side. Leaving a comment in an attempt to boost traffic to your own site, whether it's a blog or marketing website is not a good idea. The blog you've left your comment with can be flagged for spam if too many of these comments are only about advertising and not about blogging itself. Bloggers can protect themselves from spam comments by electing to either publish or reject a comment. Initially, when I set up my blog I didn't do this and I got so many comments from other posters who were just looking to advertise for themselves. Finally, I got wise and made the decision to deny them access to self-publish their comments. That's my job now and it's well worth it to get comments from bloggers who are interested in what I have to write about. If, in turn, they gains some readers for their own blogs, then good for them! Have a great day!


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