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Monday, April 03, 2006

Sephora and Blow Dryers

A new month means new product features at If you are planning on ordering anything from Sephora, a couple of things to know is that you get free shipping on $75 or more on your purchase. Also, you can claim up to three free samples to be included in your order so be sure to click on 'free sample' before checking out so you can try some great new products. I just received a comment from someone asking if I had any tips about hair dryers or hair blowers. First of all, don't use one every day. You should only be washing your hair every third day or so. Over blowing means over drying and will lead to split ends galore. Also, use a leave-in conditioner when you blow dry your hair. I have mentioned John Frieda products previously and these are the products I use on my hair. The spray on, leave-in hair smoother is a no-weight product that leaves hair shiny and smooth when blown dry. I will only use a natural bristle brush when blow drying my hair since anything else is more likely to damage hair. Whatever kind of hair blower you are using, NEVER set it on the hottest setting. You will not only burn your hair, but your scalp can be burned also. The medium setting is the best and you can finish off with a cool shot if you have this feature on your blow dryer. I use an ionic hair blower which I find is less damaging to my hair over long-term use, but I've read mixed reviews about ionic products. If you want a natural, curly look to your hair, use a diffuser on your hair blower which may either come with the blower, but can certainly be purchased cheaply. This will leave the curl to be natural and not frizzy looking when hair is dry. Thanks for the question and the comment!


At 4/03/2006 8:02 PM, Blogger C said...

Hi Susan,
Sorry I haven't had a chance to comment for awhile. I have a question....I have bleach highlighted hair and always turn brassy. I have tried all kinds of shampoos recommended by my hairdresser but always get the same results. Do you know of a shampoo and conditioner that will prevent this? I also have that straight/curly course hair you get as the greys start in come in.
Thanks for your help!
You're super!!!!

At 4/03/2006 8:15 PM, Blogger hibelu said...

I have long hair and always had problems with hairdryers overheating and shutting down. About 6 years ago I bought a Solono professional grade hairdryer from an online beauty supply store. It was about $170 which was quite a lot. But, I still have it. It has never overheated, has a thick, extra long cord. I love it. In the long run it's been one of my best investments.

At 4/05/2006 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for answering my question. Great advice about drying hair! How much more expensive are ionic hair dryers than regular dryers?



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