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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Summer's here and besides the trying on of new bathing suits, the only other things that strikes fear in the hearts of women is hair removal. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being waxed below the eyebrows can relate. Besides the fact that a stranger is seeing places on your body most other people have to at least buy you dinner to do, this stranger usually doesn't speak English very well, which makes it all the more anxiety provoking. I've actually only done this once and once is all it took for me to realize that there's no amount of money that could get me to go back to this method. Shaving is always an option, but that has its downside as well. For one the stubble is always visible to the naked eye. You also have the chance of ingrown hairs from shaving, shaving bumps and possible infection, which can be dangerous. One product that has gotten a lot of raves from women is Veet. This is a gel that is applied to your legs, bikini area, etc. (except the face). After approximately six minutes you can remove the gel with the Veet razor. This is a bladeless razor that is made to safely remove the gel and hair. If there is any hair remaining in the treated area, you can re-apply the Veet for another few minutes to finish up the job. This can be safely used on all kinds of body hair, whether you have fine or course secondary hair, it will do the job nicely. This product sells in most stores for around $10, but several websites are giving a discount right now of about 30%. Go to for more information about discount with purchase.


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