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Monday, October 16, 2006

Flavor Of Love

The season finale of 'Flavor Of Love' aired last night garnering one of the largest viewing audiences of any reality show. I guess it's kind of like a bad car accident in which you really want to look away, but just can't. Flavor Flave as he is known to his fans, has done this once before, but it was ever so popular he came back to do it again narrowing down the choices to girl known as New York and the other he called Delicous. I do believe he kept New York around for ratings. She was beyond crazy (although the girl named Krazy was eliminated earlier), but her mother would make Joan Collins look like an angel. Flavor's kids (of which he has many) clearly favored the more demure Delicious, but New York gave it all up for him and the viewing audience. In the end, that was probably a very bad choice on her part, but the reunion show is set to air in two weeks, so who knows what drama will unfold then. In the meantime, you can bet that there will be a third season of this three ring circus because in the end, ratings matter more than romance!


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