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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Real Project Runway

Something is happening on the runway that is causing a flap all over the fashion world. For the first time in the history of fashion, someone finally had the guts to put an end to the anorexic models that we have been so used to seeing year after year. It began in Europe when models were systematically eliminated from walking the runway just this past season because they were too thin for the catwalk. The message has been clearly that the thinner the better, but not any more. Models will have to stop starving themselves and designers will have to get over it very quickly. Clothes are meant to be shown on real women, not clothes hangers. One very famous designer, Gaultier, took things to the extreme as reported in the Sun by putting a model in his show who weighs over 300 pounds. Velvet, as she is known in the industry, very much intends to compete with her much thinner counterparts and prove that she is no joke. Gaultier informed the press that his reasoning for putting Velvet and another, much older, model in his current show is to prove that beauty comes in all forms. Let's just hope that this catches on here in the USA where, so far, there hasn't been any restrictions regarding weight. Designers, especially male designers, need to understand that the clothes they design shouldn't be for women who look like adolescent boys, but for real women with curves.


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