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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Years ago people used to make fun of the Head and Shoulders shampoo commercial with the guy who had white flakes on his shoulders. Unfortunately, dandruff is something that almost everyone suffers from periodically, and some have it chronically. If you do have a chronic condition, then it's best to pay a visit to a dermatologist to find the cause and solution, but if you have an occasionaly case, then something over the counter will do fine. Head and Shoulders has come a long way in hair care. At one time there was only one formula for all hair types, but now you have a myriad of formulas to suit your needs. My daughter, who sometimes has to use a dandruff shampoo, prefers the smooth & silky formula which still contains the active ingredient to relieve the problem (pryithione zinc), but also smoothes, leavy hair feeling silky with great shine. There's no need to used this product continuously and should really only be used periodically when the problem presents itself. This is especially true if you have color-treated hair since the ingredients may begin to strip away the color. This wouldn't be a problem though if you only use it on an "as needed" basis. This product is available at any drug or discount store or supermarket for around $3 a bottle.


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