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Monday, June 30, 2008

Everything Is Coming Up Daisy!

It's hard to believe that Daisy Fuentes is in her forties. This incredible beauty who came to the United States from Cuba when she was a baby, has become a fashion icon in her own right. A former model who also had a gig on MTV, can now be seen on the Style network as a fashionista, giving advice on how to stay current in fashion while keeping your own style in tact. Daisy also still has her own clothing line exclusively sold at Kohl's and she is ready to launch a brand new fragrance. On a personal note, she is engaged to musician, Matt Goss.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Enjoy Being A Girl

There's a brand new webzine that celebrates all things girly. In fact, it is appropriately entitled Girly Home Webzine. This fun, new webzine contains great information all things chichi and their slogan is "your source for chichi living". This encompasses just about anything that would be of interest to women of all ages who still like to think of themselves as a girl. You'll find up-to-date information on everything from skin care to finances, career to mom issues. There's very little that's not addressed whether you are looking to become more well-versed in proper etiquette or trying to find great accents to spruce up your home. There's even a great place where you can exchange recipes and if you need advice on romance, you'll find that too. You'll find all the information fresh and unbiased and it is surely a place where you will want to visit all the time! Attention all feminists! Don't be afraid of being a girly girl! There's no law that says you can be both and you'll want to read the Feminine Feminist Diaries to see just how you can combine the best of both worlds. You just can't get enough information to get through life these days and this is a great place to start!

When Reality Hits Home

Heather Locklear was someone who seemed to have it all. She had a thriving career as an actress and producer. She had a handsome husband who had a successful career in his on right as a musician and she had a beautiful daughter. An ageless beauty well into her forties, it would appear that she was unstoppable, but no one is free from the realities and hardships that life often brings us. As Heather now battles depression and anxiety, one can see how vulnerable life really is even to those who seem to be untouched by such things. We can only wish her well in her journey to recovery.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Beauty And Grace Of Glass

Art can come in many forms and everyone has their own tastes when it comes to art. In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful and graceful than Hand Blown Glass. In fact, I recently saw a piece regarding hand blown glass on television recently and I was amazed and the precision and technique that went into creating one piece of hand blown glass. There was a time when you had to visit an exclusive gallery, many of which are located in countries far, far away, in order to purchase hand blown glass, each of which are original works of art. Now you can actually purchase one of these beautiful, original works of art online. When you visit the website, you will not only see samples of some of the remarkable pieces, each of which were hand crafted, but you can also view a video on how hand blown glass is crafted. It is quite amazing. You will also get to experience all the various products of hand blown glass. You will see everything from simple glass vases to elaborate glass installations, which are wall mountings of glass sculpture. Many artists are represented here from San Diego, California to New York. The pieces are colorful and unique and some even have gold added for that extra sparkle. Hand blown glass would be a welcome attraction to any home, and it goes without saying that it would make a wonderful and unique gift for a wedding or house warming. You would not only be giving something useful, but you would be giving the gift of art which can be enjoyed for many years to come. Don't forget to read the history of hand blown glass and read about how hand blown glass as evolved as a form of modern art for today's generation. You can even sign up for a newsletter to learn more about hand blown glass and future items that will be featured on the website. This is a wonderful way to add beautiful, functional art to any home and it won't be something that you will ever see again in anyone else's home. If you purchase a piece of hand blown glass online, you will also have the comfort of knowing that your item will be carefully packed and shipped. Just read the testimonials from satisfied customers who, for the most part, say that their purchase far exceeded their expectations. This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

Oprah's Whine

Oprah Winfrey has completed her 21-day detox, but really only had one complaint; she missed her wine. Winfrey admits that she almost broke down and had one glass, but kept herself from breaking her fast from sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. Frankly, I tried this detox and couldn't do it, but I did become more aware of what I was eating and have added more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to my diet. Did it do anything for Oprah? You can read more about it on her blog at

Thursday, June 26, 2008

CDEarth Brings Back Retro Fun

They say that simple minds are easily amused. Well, if that's really true, then you will love CDEarth.

CDEarth will bring you hours and hours of nothing but fun and when was the last time you spent hours and hours having fun? Probably years ago and that's why CDEarth has brought back some fabulous retro games to thoroughly amuse and entertain you. You will be transformed to another time when gas was still affordable and you didn't have to mortgage your house to get a haircut.

More importantly, CDEarth will bring back some joy into your life and introduce your kids to the simpler things in life. Everything old is eventually new again and the same holds true for classic video games.

With CDEarth Retro Games you will receive ten diverse, classic video games in one very entertaining collection. Go back in time and smash some bricks or pop some balloons and see how many levels you can get through. Forget about the stock market and gobble up some cookies while escaping from the ghosts. You can read the press release below to get more information about CDEarth. Bring some fun back into your life now with CDEarth.

CDEarth New Games CD - Hours of Wasted and Unproductive Fun

CD Earth new Greatest Classic Video Games CD includes 10 diverse, retro video games in one entertaining collection.

Dallas, TX May 31, 2008 -- CD Earth LLC, ( is excited to announce the release of the Greatest Classic Video Games CD now available for Windows PC and Mac OSX.

The new CD includes 10 classic games and will be a sure hit with anyone who played the original video games. Stack falling bubbles, break through brick walls, stack colors against the clock, eat cookies while avoiding pesky ghosts, pop balloons with harpoons, smash tomatoes plus rescue a princess all while putting your spaceship back together.

Preview of some of the games on the CD:

1. Break through over 50 unique, challenging levels. Power the bouncing ball to smash through brick walls. Lots of power-ups plus extra balls, energy balls, extra lives, weapons, glue, bonus floors, paddle expansion and extra score make the game even more fun.
2. Gobble up cookies while escaping from hungry ghosts in this updated version of the classic arcade game.
3. Smiling bubbles. Don't let the friendly smiles fool you. Group the falling bubbles to make them explode before they reach the top.
4. Pop balloons with a harpoon and avoid being hit in this fast-paced game.
5. Run and jump through multiple worlds, fighting off enemies by jumping on them or bumping them from below.
6. Eat your tomatoes. How many tomatoes can you smash in ten short minutes? If you have the time to spare, this game has the vegetables just waiting to be eliminated!
7. Colorful, addicting game where you quickly lineup blocks of the same color before time runs out.
8. Guide a lost traveler from outer space, through towers and across cemeteries to collect what he needs to rebuild his spaceship.

Customers can get this Greatest Classic Video Games CD for free by test-driving the CD Earth Software Library Club:

About CD Earth, LLC
CD Earth ( believes everyone should experience the benefits of a great software library. To help customers expand their software library, CDEarth offers a wide variety of some of the finest quality software on the market today through its unique Software Library Club. CD Earth's catalog includes software for families (, children (, home and office (, computer graphics ( and, of course, computer games (
This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dying Young

Many years ago there was an enigmatic singer named Janis Joplin. She received many accolades for her recordings and live performances, but she may have been more well known for her lifestyle of booze, drugs and lovers galore. It was as if she chose her own destiny, living and dying as she would have wanted it, but her loss is felt to this day, especially in the music world. This generation has seen Amy Winehouse traveling the very same path. This incredibly talented performer and recording artist however, is becoming more well known for her trips to jail, rehab and hospitals for scary health reasons. Allegedly she has been diagnosed with emphysema with the lung capacity of an eighty year old woman, yet she was caught smoking shortly after her release from a hospital. So what is the truth here? Are the health claims blown out of proportion or is she destined to die young like Janis. One can only hope it isn't the latter.

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Will Be Missed

The news of the world is never really optimistic. In fact, I often avoid it to retreat into my 'Gilmore Girls' world so I can get a good night's sleep and avoid any addiction to Xanax. There are few people that make sense and good fun of all that seems so wrong and George Carlin was one of those people. You could say that he is a pioneer. If it wasn't for George, there would probably be no 'Daily News' or Bill Maher. He stepped forward and made us see all the absurdity in the world. He made us laugh and he made us all the wiser while we were laughing. He will be sadly missed.

Shop Goldyn

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis, knows how much I love to shop. If you're a regular reader, then you also know that shopping from the internet is something I'm always raving about. Why leave home and waste gas when you can shop in your pajamas. I've found a great new website that now only allows you to shop for great clothing, but also to find designer items that you won't find in any stores you normally might favor. If you are searching for a certain French Designer, then you will more than likely find it here and pay far less than you would in any store that might carry the same item. Maybe you really love Parisian Clothing. If that's the case, then you will love this website. It's almost as good as a trip to Paris, but a lot less expensive. French Dresses are not the only thing you will find here. There are lots of great designers represented here like Debbie Shuchat and Charlotte Ronson, just to name a few. Here you can shop by your favorite designer or shop by category. There is even a look book and a fit guide to help you carefully choose the perfect outfit for any occasion whether it's a black tie event or a Summer vacation. You won't just find great dresses here. You can get a great pair of jeans, or any accessories for your outfit from belts to scarves to handbags. There are regular sale items posted regularly so don't forget to check to see what great deals you can purchase. This is truly a unique shopping experience which is great for that very unique occasion or just every day wear. This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

Friday, June 20, 2008

No Glory Here

The surface story here is that Jamie Lynne Spears has finally given birth to a baby girl, but that's not the real story. The real story is that more and more teenage girls are deliberately getting pregnant in order to experience the feeling of unconditional love. In fact school districts across the country are burdened with the responsibility of providing daycare for these babies so that their mothers won't drop out of school. Unfortunately, too late these young girls find out that there's no glory in having a baby at such a tender age. Raising another human being is a daunting task which allows little time for a sleep let alone a social life. So what does Jamie Lynne have to do with all of this? Maybe nothing, but her well-documented pregnancy has done nothing to discourage girls from deliberately getting pregnant and that's a very scary thing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does This Woman Scare You?

Apparently, the popular opinion about Michelle Obama is not particular favorable. She probably turned people off with her "I'm not proud to be an American" comment and she often appears too serious. However, Michelle is determined to turn her image around now that her husband is clearly the Democratic nominee for President. She appeared today on "The View" with a softer appearance in her hair and clothing and more chummy than she has in other interviews. She is not alone in her need to change her image to turn popular opinion around. Hillary Clinton needed to do the very same when her husband was first running for President and look what happened to her so who knows where Michelle will be in about ten years from now.

Hot Yoga

I've been a yoga enthusiast for many years. It is probably one of the few constants in my life, but the last few years I've been drawn away from the practice due to some issues with my knees as well as one injury I sustained to my ankle as a result of one overly zealous yoga pose. Friends of mine told me about a hot yoga class that they take and I immediately became intrigued. I have tried hot yoga in the past, but the room only really became luke warm at best. This was a true hot yoga class given in sauna-like conditions. They asked if I would join them and I immediately said yes. I wondered how I would manage in such heated conditions as I don't like the heat at all, but they assured me that I could leave the room at any time for a break. I took one class and I am already hooked. The benefits of hot yoga far outweigh any negative effects and, in fact, I can't really think of anything negative other than the impact on hair. I wasn't the only newbie either which was reassuring and the instructor was very gentle and encouraging. Best of all, I became as limber as I was twenty years ago and woke up the following morning with no soreness whatsoever. If you've ever wanted to try something that is not only good for your body, but great for your spirit, give yoga a try. It's a wonderful way to condition the body and strengthen the back. Best of all, anyone can practice yoga, from children and pregnant women to seniors since yoga teaches you to listen to your body and follow your instincts. Namaste!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Carnie Wilson Dishes With OK

Carnie Wilson is no stranger to battling her weight problems. Like millions of other people, she has waged a war to take control over her body which has included gastric by-pass surgery, when she was at her highest weight of 300 pounds. She slimmed down to 146 pounds, but found herself having to deal with the need to find other coping skills for her emotional issues. She admits to having a drinking problem, but now that's all behind her. In fact, as soon as she quit drinking, she got pregnant with daughter Lola, who is now three years old. Raising a child is not easy and certainly most moms can relate to the stress and lack of sleep which often leads to eating poorly. As a result, Carnie found herself gaining more weight. Once she reached just over 200 pounds, she sought the help of a nutritionist and trainer. She is now getting healthy and losing weight sensibly in the hopes of having another child in the near future. Most importantly, Carnie is teaching daughter Lola who great healthy food can taste. You can see more photos and read more about her story right here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The papparazzi have been having a field day with Lindsay Lohan and, chances are, she's been having a field day with them as well with her new gal pal, Samantha Ronson. The two appear to be inseparable if you believe the photos and, moreover, want you to believe that they are more than just friends. The many photos that have surfaced in gossip magazines and on the internet remind me of another celebrity who also made tongues wag with her many supposed liasons with her lesbian friends. In fact the superstar allegedly dropped on friend because said friend inferred in more than one interview that they were lovers. If history really and truly repeates itself, perhaps Lindsay and Samantha should just keep mum about their relationship and let those with nothing better to do, just wonder.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sexy At Any Age

I often feature posts about fabulous women over forty who have excelled in their careers regardless of their age. Here's a post about a fabulous man, who has not only proven himself as an actor, but has also proven himself as a dancer, singer (yes, he can sing) and cowboy. Patrick Swayze has been a favorite of mine since the first time I saw him in "Dirty Dancing", one of my all-time favorite movies. He has appeared in many movies since then playing all kinds of roles in both drama and action films as well as on stage singing and dancing. Whatever role he has played, he has never been more courageous than he has in his fight against pancreatic cancer. Fortunately for Patrick, the treatment he has been receiving for his cancer has been working well for him. So much so, that Patrick will be starring in an A&E series which will begin filming this Summer. This new, original series entitled "Beast" will film thirteen episodes in Chicago and Patrick will star opposite Travis Fimmel. Bravo to A&E in supporting Patrick through this difficult time and going ahead with his role in this new series.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Don't Bug Out

In my spare time, when I'm not blogging, I actually have other careers, one of which happens to be a real estate agent. Selling a home in this market is tough, but not impossible. However, before anyone decides to sell or buy a home, there is a definite check list of things that need to be accomplished. One of those things is to look for signs of termites. Termites are unbelievably destructive to a home and very specific steps need to be taken to adequately remove them from your home or from the home you are interested in purchasing. Get the facts first and then get going on removing those pesky termites. This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

False Labor

If you haven't already heard, Angelina Jolie is still pregnant with twins. That is to say, she has not yet given birth as reported by one entertainment news show that failed to check the source of the false information. So why should we be surprised? If the New York Times couldn't check its sources in the past, then why should we expect that a tabloid news show would do the same? Furthermore, why should we even care? Women give birth every day to babies and no one takes notice. I realize the woman is quite famous, but why should any one risk their reputation to be the first to report that which impacts no one at all....except her of course.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

See The World More Clearly

We live in an amazing world and if you have kids, then it's definitely worth exploring. In fact, we live in an amazing universe so you're not just limited to discovering our world. With the Summer right around the corner, now would be a great time to introduce your kids to some family-friendly hobbies like astronomy. Exploring the constellations alone is incredibly fascinating and your kids will not realize they are learning because of all the fun they will have looking at the universe through a telescope. Another great hobby is bird watching, but you'll need a great pair of binoculars to see all the great wild life around you. In fact there are many great hobbies you can share as a family this Summer and with so many people opting for stay-cations instead of vacations, now is a great time to find family-friendly activities. Also, with Father's Day coming up, you may want to find a great gift idea for your spouse or dad. If their hobby is hunting, you can shop for Riflescopes. Maybe your dad is having trouble reading small print so you might want to purchase a magnifying glass. Whatever your hobby needs might be, you can shop online and save money on gas and shipping on most orders over $29.95. Whatever you do, you can make new and exciting memories right in your own backyard. This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jenny Craig's Problem Child

When reading this post, please take it with a grain of salt considering the source of the news.
TMZ has published a very unflattering photograph of the former spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Kirstie Ally. I wouldn't post that photo here, but it shows what is supposedly a current photo of Kirstie looking quite a bit heftier than her Jenny Craig days. So what would cause her to allegedly gain so much weight? The report from TMZ speculates that perhaps with the launch of her own diet system, she could prove to potential customers that she can, once again, lose weight in order to promote the new system. Whether any of this is actually true or not, remains to be seen, but if it's true I fear for the 57 year old actress as yo-yo dieting is a bad idea, no matter what the reason.

From The Comfort Of Your Home

I often blog about how much I love to shop online. Much of my online shopping experiences pertain to personal shopping for things like clothing, skin care and cosmetic items, but you can accomplish more than that with your computer. Believe it or not, you can furnish your entire home without ever actually leaving it. Perhaps you are looking for king size sleigh bed sets. Believe it or not, you can find exactly what you want online. You can easily shop for furniture for any room of your home now and not only save money on the furniture, but save on the gas you would spend comparison shopping. Probably the most common purchase for most people is bedroom furniture. Afterall, we all need a place to sleep. However, bedroom furniture can be the most pricey to purchase. It pays to do your homework then and now you can easily browse through specific styles and colors to suit any tastes righ from the comfort of your own home. Many people now work from home, so making a comfortable work space means shopping for Home office furniture to help you work comfortably. Now you can get everything you need for your home office without ever having to leave it. If you're not quite sure that shopping for furniture online is right for you, then go ahead and do your comparison shopping and see just how much money you really can save and just how easy it really is. This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

Monday, June 02, 2008

She's Got The Look

Kim Alexis is no stranger in front of the camera. This beauty has been modeling for many years and can still turn heads. Kim has also spent many years being an advocate for health and fitness. Now Kim has a brand new gig on TVland's "She's Got The Look". This is not just another search for America's next top model. The women featured in this brand new reality competition are all over the age of forty, proving that beauty and grace can be achieved at any age and stage of life. You can click here to learn more about the show which debuts this week.

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