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Saturday, May 20, 2006

About Your Two Favorite Assets - Teeth And Hair

I've decided to stick to my niche today so I'm posting on two things no person should ever be without....teeth and hair! My first comments regarding teeth is for this product you see pictured called 'Breath Palette'. Someone with amazing marketing skills must have come up with this brilliant idea to finally make toothpaste in flavors other than wintergreen and/or peppermint. Please don't tell me about Crest's flavored toothpastes! They still taste the same to me, but now I actually have a choice of flavors and palettes of flavors from which to choose. There is a smoothie palette with yummy ice cream flavored toothpastes as well as a Zen palette if you really love the taste of green tea. If you like spicy, then there's a palette for that too. These toothpastes are all natural in terms of ingredients and will do everything else the leading brands do, but with better taste! There is also a water kit that goes along with the palette with little mouth washes to help complete your clean routine. If you have any problems finding this product, then look no further than They have all the flavor palettes (both toothpaste and mouthwash) for great prices. Now, as for hair I had a question from a reader yesterday regarding the use of lemon juice to lighten hair. You can certainly use fresh lemon juice to lighten your hair, but you must sit in the sun in order to complete the lightening process.......for five hours! Not only is this a bad idea for anyone to sit in the sun for five hours, but the combination of lemon juice and sun exposure will be unbelievably drying to both hair and scalp, not to mention exposure to harmful sun rays. Furthermore, only blondes can really take advantage of this lightening method. Brunettes will find themselves with orange hair afterwards which is never a good look unless you plan on starting a band or opening a tattoo parlor. For sun-kissed hair, ask your favorite hair stylist to help you, or at least give you tips on how to accomplish the look at home. There are some great at-home kits, including a brand new one from the people who make you feel like a natural woman.


At 5/20/2006 1:51 PM, Blogger C said...

If you're a brunette (and I am speaking from experience) trust me, go to a professional to become blonde - donot attempt at home because you will be very disappointed. I've tried every home method for lightening invented and the only satisfying results I've ever gotten are from a well trained professional.

At 5/20/2006 5:06 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

Susan you are too funny. My family is in the dental profession so I always get to try new products before they come out. I've tried toothpastes that are flavored. But I always end up going back to a mint flavor. I like feeling minty freah after I brush my teeth. That's just me. As far as the lemon jucie thing. I would never recommend that to anyone. It really damges your hair. I'm a natural blonde so in the spring and summer time if I'm out in the sun my hair naturally lightens by itself. But you are so right if you are a brunette, go to a hair styliest if you want to lighten your hair. Great post. :)


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