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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vacation At Your Fingertips

This is the time of year when we are all thinking about vacation. If you are anything like me, then you haven't planned a thing yet. Personally, I had other things on my mind for the last few months. I was working during the day and going to school at night. Then my son graduated high school and it was prom season too. With all going on in my otherwise hectic life, I had no time to plan a vacation. I still want to go somewhere with my family because my son will be going away to college in the fall and I want us to have some family time before he leaves. The task seems overwhelming, and I do want to save as much money as possible for college. I've done some preliminary research and I have found some great Hotel Discounts at Hotel This is a really great website for people just like me who don't have the time to go searching for hotels, airfare, car rentals and other vacation must-haves. I've done some preliminary research for a trip to Nevada which would include a stop off in Las Vegas and so far I am very happy with the prices I have found. They are well within our budget, but still offer up luxury accommodations at such hotels on the strip like The Flamingo and the Riviera. We can also rent a compact car for the time we will spend there at a great rate which means we can drive to the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Red Rocks. With all the money we save on this vacation, we can go shopping at Ceasar's where they have the most amazing mall ever. We can eat in all the great restaurants and take a gondola trip at the Venetian. We may even save some money to gamble. Hotel is not just restricted to trips in the United States, you can book a great cruise which is a very nice family vacation, or take your dream vacation to Italy, France, England or all three as you can easily put together a vacation package on the very same website. You will find that the rates are very competitive and in most instances, you will end up saving money on anything you book through Hotel Reservations. You can book with confidence using your credit card and they offer twenty-four hour service so you never have to wait to book. Of course, all the information offered is up-to-the minute and chances are, if you are like me, you will have no problems even if you are booking last minute. I'm happy to have found this website. Anything that can make my hectic life easier and help me save money at the same time is just the best feeling. This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

Spice Girls Will Be Back!

Apparently, the Spice Girls want more than their fifteen minutes of fame. They will be re-uniting in late Fall to promote thier greatest hits compiliation which will be released around Thanksgiving. Expect to see all of them on stage, in December and January. If all goes well, the girls are hoping to get back into the studio to cut a new CD. Let's fact it; we are all a little more than excited about this. They are so much more interesting than Britney Spears and four times the fun!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Help Your Children Score High

School is out for the summer and kids are just breathing a huge sigh of relief that it's over. Parents, on the other hand may be thinking ahead to the future and how they can help their children get an. School is becoming increasingly harder. There are more assessment tests and ultimately, parents want their children to get into a good college so they can have a successful future. As the parent of two kids, I can tell you that both of my kids have had to seek help beyond school to get them through the tough subjects. Tutors are hard to come by, but you can get an Innovative Tutor at Score Learning Centers. Score Learning centers help children ages 4 to 14 make significant academic progress in an innovative tutoring environment. There's nothing more frustrating for a child than to fail, and there's nothing more rewarding to them than to succeed. I've been there for both and it's worth the investment to give your child all the tools they need to succeed. This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

Bath & Body Works Jumps On The Fit Flops Band Wagon

FitFlops, the newest fitness show coined the gym workout in a shoe, is now being sold at Bath & Body Works or you can get them at Bliss. People and by people I mean women, are scooping these up in all three colors (black, baby blue and red)because they have been programmed to buy anything that promises a tight JLo butt and legs like Angelina. Be wary my friends! You can't just wear these and expect miracles. They will probably work, but I imagine you will have to do quite a bit of walking in them to see any difference. The concept is very much like Birkenstock whereby the heel sits lower than the front of the foot. I have no idea how comfortable they are, but reviews are very positive so far. They sell for $45 just about anywhere you can find them although they are also available on Ebay. A word to the wise; they run big so if you wear a size seven, order down a size. Right now the most popular size is eight and they are hard to find right now, but keep searching and eventually your hard work will pay off.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Better Way To Search

With masterseek, you can open up far more possibilities for searching. This is a great site for companies and small businesses. Masterseek is a global search engine which provides quick and free access to company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and services from more than forty-five million companies in seventy-five countries. As a result, Masterseek can do more for your business than any other search engine available today. You can also search in your own country or worldwide and find business partners, sales opportunities and new avenues to expand your business and increase your company’s profitability. You can even do a search on your own company. If you are serious about expanding your business and maximizing the success of your company, then you definitely need Masterseek!

Silence Is Golden

Silence is golden and nothing could be more true with regard to Paris Hilton. Tonight she will give a free interview with Larry King. I stress that it is free as she was formerly offered up to a million dollars for an interview, but her public relations team interceded and said that this would be a huge mistake on her part. What they also should have told her was to lay low for more than just a while. Her actions should speak louder than whatever words will come out of her mouth. When she quits partying, adopts a kid from a third world country and/or starts a halfway house for women released from prison, then I will listen to Paris......Elizabeth Edwards should have stayed silent about Ann Coulter. We all know Ann is a loose cannon and she should always be completely ignored. To point out her moronic statements only draws her more attention and gives her further license to open up her piehole.......Rosie O'Donnell is never silent even though she no longer has a television show. She is still using her blog to make a statement through silly and poorly written haikus and photos of her daughter dressed like a member of the Taliban. Even though Rosie claims that her daughter was just "playing dress-up", it is highly unlikely that she would allow such things in her home considering that she is so anti-gun. It's more likely that she is making yet another anti-war statement, but very badly. Thankfully, she has put herself out of the running for the The Price Is Right. It is more likely though that she was put out of the running by the powers that be. By the way, this is not the most googled game show; it's Wheel of Fortune.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Smart Shopping

It's hard to believe that high school graduation is here. We are literally weeks away from my son leaving for college. I have so many things I need to get for him that I don't even know where to begin. Thankfully, I have online coupons to help me shop for all the things I need for him without stepping one foot out the door. I can do all my shopping online at one of my favorite stores Linens-N-Things, get everything I need and save even more money with Coupon Chief. I'll be spending a lot of money over the next four years which means I need to save as much money as possible and thankfully, I've found a way to do that. It's nice to know there's a place I can go to find just about everything I need for my home, my children and is a great place for gift shopping. I save money with online coupons and I never spend a penny on gasoline. That's what I call smart shopping! Oh, and one more thing; Coupon Chief has added screencasts for some of your favorite merchants like Target, Best Buy, Amazon and more to make your shopping experience even more personalized. Check it out! This post is sponsored by Pay Per Post.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sarah Jessica, Steve And Barry

Sarah Jessica Parker is having a relationship with Steve and Barry. It sounds a lot like one of the characters from 'Sex and the City', but this is really all about fashion. 'Bitten' is the new line of clothing from Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve & Barry's. If you don't already know it, Steve & Barry is a chain store which originated in Massachusets. They catered to the thousands of college students looking for Gap styling clothing at bargain basement prices. The store was so successful that Steve & Barry stores can be found in most shopping malls around the country. Enter Sarah Jessica Parker who has brought her line of clothing exclusively to Steve & Barry's. Her motto, "fashion is not a luxury, it's a right" rings true with every piece from her line, priced $20 or less. So far, the biggest selling item are her high fashion jeans which range in size from 1 to 22 and are priced below $15. She has wonderful fashion sense and it really shows in all the pieces which are trendy and well-made, but won't break the bank. In a recent interview, Sarah claims that you can spend $200 on her line and walk out with six shopping bags of clothing. Check out her line at Bitten.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Could A Girl's Best Friend Be Gold?

We have always heard the saying that diamonds are a girl's best friend. However, girls have waited patiently for a man to come along and grace them with a solataire to make all their dreams come true. The reality is that many women may never get that diamond, but they still have to take care of themselves. I recently watched a special that listed the world's richest women. Most of them were single, but they still managed to accumulate millions and even billions of dollars. One is so rich that the fake tan that is sprayed on her body is actually made up of particles of twenty-four carat gold. Speaking of gold, if a woman wants to make it on her own, then she has to invest her money wisely and that means diversify. Sure it's great to own stocks, but investing in precious metals is not only wise, but the history behind these precious metals goes back centuries to The Egyptians and Romans. Gold in particular, which is purchased in ingots of pure gold bullion which is poured into convenient shapes that are easily stored. Gold is not only a great investment over time, but the gold itself is magical and carries a rich history along with it. So maybe diamonds aren't really a girl's best friend. Maybe it's really gold. Either way, gold will help you build your wealth so you don't have to wait for Prince Charming. Who knows, maybe he will be the one waiting for you.

Summersize With Sephora

If you are thinking of self-tanning, don't forget to accent your tan with the appropriate cosmetic choices. You definitely want to buy a bronzing cheek product. If you don't already own a good brush for applying these products, then do pick one up. You can almost get away with buying a cheaper bronzer and get it looking really fabulous with the right bronzing brush. Also, go a little lighter with your lip product or, better still, just cover your nude lips with a sheer gloss. Find all your summer cosmetic needs at Sephora. When you buy products from Sephora, you get free shipping on orders over $75 and they have the best free samples ever. Go into summer looking completely pulled together with Sephora.

The Art Of Self Tanning

With the ever-growing size of the hole in the ozone layer, tanning naturally via the sun is becoming a much less wise thing to do. Only recently research has shown that overall exposure to the sun over a person's lifetime is more likely to lead to skin cancer than a few cases of isolated sunburn. Everyone should be wearing a sunscreen, but for those of us who are fair and need some color, the wisest choice is a self tanner. Now, many self tanning products also have an SPF factor. This is great news for those of us who want to get out in a hurry, but you should still apply your sunscreen after your self tanning product has fully dried. Some other tips found which can be further found in this article on self tanning is that you should never apply a self tanner in a steamy bathroom. Skin should be relatively dry when you apply the product to prevent streaking and a fair amount of time should pass before you apply your sunblock and then get dressed. It could take up to a half an hour for a self tanner to fully dry so take your time when applying it.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Power Of Communication

My husband has had his own business for years. For most of those years, he has complained about the awful phone service he receives from one of the biggest communications carrier in the world. There have been times when he has been unable to reach customer service because they only have hours during the week or there have been times when he has lost power and, of course, the phone service is lost too. Now there is a company that offers superior phone service even during a disaster.
VOIP Small Busines phone systems specializes in phone systems for business that include such advanced technologies as Voice Over IP (VoIP). They also offer the most simplified system that are easy to use, but deliver far superior quality and services than most other companies. This company has figured out how to offer their customers this service at reduced costs as compared to other companies and their systems are so great, you can be assured of reduced maintenance. They also offer improved long-distance and international calling plans. The benefits of VoIP phone systems for small businesses are endless, but you won't know it until you try it. Why keep trying to deal with huge phone companies that offer poor quality service at ridiculous prices. Get in touch with a company that finally has the needs of small businesses worldwide in mind because without the very best communication system, you may be losing your customers to your competition. That's the power of communication!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Dr. Weil And Origins

Dr. Andrew Weil has been at the forefront of holistic health for many years. He is a bonafide doctor having received traditional medical training, but at some point during his education, he felt that his calling was more about holistic health than western medicine. He has published countless books that were best sellers and has appeared on numerous talk shows over the years and is considered an expert in his field. Now, he has become a skincare expert, creating a line of skincare products for Origins. The products are based in the belief that skin needs to be calmed in order to defy aging and bring back that youthful glow. Of course, these products are all natural and contain mushroom extracts which are now found to be one of the best anti-aging components. For more information, got to Origins.

Paris 24/7

Once again Paris Hilton made headline news because she was released early from her jail sentence due to an undisclosed medical condition that allegedly could have led to a nervous breakdown. She is under house arrest, blah, blah, blah. Why is Paris Hilton news? When there is an important G8 summit going on with all the world's greatest leaders including our own fearless President, why is this breaking news? You might ask why I bother to focus so much attention on her, but I run a little beauty blog and this is the most appropriate place to post Paris' latest adventures, not on CNN. In any event, Paris got too harsh a punishment initially and should have just gotten house arrest in the first place. She's just a little, delicate flower, our Paris is, and jail is no place for a fairy tale princess.

The Earning Potential With Higher Education

Recently, I was at a party with some friends. One of my good friends who is a college professor told me that she was back at school to get her PhD. When I asked her how she could find the time to do that as she has a full-time teaching job and two children, she told me she was getting her degree online. She is a graduate of a very prestigious university here in New York and she has been a college professor for quite a few years now. She says she is receiving quality education from her online university and she is looking foward to completing her PhD by this summer. Online learning, especially for higher education has become the primary choice for many busy people. In my own family I have a cousin who also is attending an online university for a masters degree in computer science. The point is that earning a degree through an online university has become very acceptable and desirable for those individuals who have full-time jobs, full-time lives and need absolute flexibity to learn. They also need that higher education to increase their earning potential overall. Those seeking a criminal justice degree can find the program they are looking for at Capella University, one of the most prestigious online unversities around. One of many of Capella's professors is Sara Orem, PhD, who is also a published author. Sara is also the president of her own coaching firm. This is just one example of the quality of Capella which was founded in 1993. The university currently offers eighty-two graduate and undergraduate degrees and sixteen certificate programs. The university serves over 17,000 students from fifty states and fifty-six countries around the world. With online education, there is just no more excuse for not seeking higher education.
This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Dieting South Beach Style

For a number of years, the South Beach Diet has become the diet of choice for many who fight the battle of the bulge. Recently, their website did a big push to get more people to join. Their biggest competition, of course, is Weight Watchers so South Beach Diet is offering their prospective new members and free trial membership and free newsletter to entice you to join. If you've been following the plan either through their books or friends, here's a chance for you to begin with their personalized diet plan just for you and, of course, all the support you would need to help you stay on track. Their website is very easy to follow and you can enter all your vital statistics free of charge to receive your evaluation. For more information just go to South Beach Diet to learn more.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Paris Does Jail

Paris arrived at jail hours before she was reportedly going to make a big media splash. Instead she arrived in the wee hours of the morning, sans entourage and quickly entered the jail unceremoniously. Apparently, she thought better of the big public relations splash that was allegedly being planned for her "red carpet" arrival to jail, similar to Naomi Campbell's reporting for community service, earlier this year. Paris says she is very scared, but will face her jail term with her chin up. She can wear make-up in jail, but it has to be purchased in the jail commissary. With the possibility that Nicole Ritchie may also serve a small jail term for her latest run-in with the law, I smell another seasons of 'The Simple Life'. In any event, Paris reportedly is being paid over one million dollars to keep a daily journal of all of the twenty-three days she has to spend in jail. Now, if she would only donate that money to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, I might actually have some respect for her.

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