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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feeling Free, Breathing Easy

We live in difficult economic times in our country. More and more people are losing their homes and having their valuables repossessed because they just don't have enough money to pay down their debt. If you think this can't happen to you, think again. It's very easy to over-extend yourself and it happens to people from all walks of life from the middle class to the very rich. The biggest problem is that too often people just don't have any idea as to how to handle the problem once it happens. They receive phone calls and dunning letters from collections agencies and they are not aware that there are options out there to help them alleviate their debt problems, without having to lose their homes, cars or worse yet, declare bankruptcy. Debt Relief can be achieved, but sometimes you need a professional to help you negotiate with your creditors. This is a very attractive alternative to having to declare bankruptcy and having your credit rating ruined. You can still pay off your bills, usually have your debt reduced and even possibly be able to set aside some money for savings for your future which may include having to pay for college or funding retirement. Everyone needs help now and then and everyone shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. Usually you can get free consultation on how your debt can be re-negotiated. It's worth looking into and won't cost you more than just a few minutes of your time. Knowledge is power, so do your homework and make the best choices for yourself and your family. You have the power to feel free again, breathe easy and get some sleep at night. The power is in your own hands so take back control and get rid of all that debt now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doing What's Best For Her

I had the privilege of seeing Christina Applegate on the Broadway stage a few years back. She was playing the lead role in a musical comedy and we had second row seats. She surprised me because she was so charming and talented. She could sing and dance and she was just so delightful to watch. Of course, Christina is best known for her role as one of the Bundy's, Fox's break out situation comedy, but she can be seen most recently in her Emmy-nominated role in "Samantha Who?". However, Christina has been in the news recently, not for her talent, but for the disturbing news that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Christina recently went on the record on "Good Morning America" to talk candidly about her diagnosis and inform her fans that she opted to have a radical mastectomy on both her breasts as a preventative measure, albeit a drastic one. She went on to say that she tested positive for the gene that causes both breast and ovarian cancer and that her own mother had suffered with breast cancer at a young age. Looking forward to the future, Christina will have reconstructive surgery and looks forward to a long and productive life and having the cutest boobs in the nursing home. Women like Christina Applegate who are open and honest about their challenges give hope and courage to so many who are also facing the very same challenges.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Find An Expert With Just a Click

Have you ever tried to find someone reliable for a specific job? It's hard getting referrals from friends as those referrals often turn out to be either unreliable or too expensive and who wants to drag friends in the middle of anything? Now you can find a reliable expert with just a click or two. For instance, we needed to have a new roof installed on our home. We turned to the internet to help us find the right roofing expert and it was surprisingly easy. Best of all, if you live in a specific area, like Atlanta, Georgia, you can still find atlanta roofing contractors right in your area. In fact there will be more than enough roofing contractors in Atlanta to choose from when it's time for you to begin the work on your home. You can search anything from wedding event planners to real estate agents and anything in between. It's faster and easier than using a phone book and you can rest assured that your expert has already been pre-screened. It's that simple, that easy; it's just a click away!

Dumping The Media

If I understand this correctly, John Mayer actually gave a press conference explaining why he dumped Jennifer Aniston. Is he kidding?? Do we really care about this crap?? Apparently, John is not only an egotistical moron who has an insatiable need to hook up with any female celebrity that can get his photo in the tabloids, but he is obviously mistaking us for someone who actually gives a shit. Jennifer isn't saying a word, wise woman that she is, but her friends say she did the dumping. Why? (as if you care). She found out what we already knew...that John is an immature jerk who is more concerned about how many women he's photographed with than having an actual relationship. John, do us all a favor and don't speak...just sing and Jennifer, please make better choices in guys.

Before There Was Rosie, There Was Roseanne

Roseanne Barr may not be a household name much any more, but that hasn't stopped her from having a successful career or from speaking her mind. In fact, Roseanne has been very much in the news these last few days for speaking her mind about everyone's favorite couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, otherwise known as Brangelina. You can check out Roseanne's blog for that, but I would have to say that I pretty much agree with her. While little children are suffering from the impact of civil war, poverty, drought and fatal diseases that rob them of their childhood and families, this beautiful couple can peacefully lay their heads down at night knowing that they have not only saved a chosen few, but have spoiled them beyond comprehension. I suppose that will make up for all the other suffering and yes, I know they have been generous with their money by pimping out their kids' photos, but I just can't seem get over the fact that Angie is a blood-sucking, man-stealing bitch. Furthermore, she seems to like McCain. If this is true, then she maybe needs to crack open a newspaper from time to time to see what's really been going on in our country while she basks in the sun in the south of France. Thanks Roseanne for telling it like it is and once again proving that beauty really is only skin deep for some.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Recycle With Freecycle

I'm all about the greening of our environment and one way to do that is through recycling. Most of our communities already have recycling programs for plastic, tin and glass, but what about the rest of the stuff we no longer want or use? This is the stuff we know we will never get a chance to sell at a garage sale. Or, maybe you already had a garage sale and want to get rid of the remainder. Well, you can with freecycle. This is a global community that swaps all kinds of stuff from clothing to furniture to electronics and more. By swapping what you no longer use, you are keeping things out of landfills and by getting more stuff this way you can save yourself some money and not add to what is already more than abundant in the world. I've been happy about joining one that is in my own community through Yahoo. I've been able to purge some of what has been cluttering up my shed, freeing up some space and giving away what I no longer need or use and sharing it with someone else. Find a Freecycle community where you live and start cleaning up your home and the environment all at the same time.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finding The Right Path

I have a cousin who has been very successful in the restaurant industry. He has been responsible for setting up restaurants for large corporations and then finally he wanted to be in his own restaurant business. He was able to find several restaurant chains that suited his needs and he has been doing very well. So how does one go about find the right a that would suit your needs? Well, there is a place where you can go to help match you with the right one. For instance, if you were interested in something creative, you might like to find a business that involves interior decorating. You might like to find something like a window covering franchise which would incorporate a lucrative business with your creative abilities. You might be talented with your hands and enjoy doing something like repair work. Well, then you may find a car repair franchise where you can use your talent and make money doing it. This is a wonderful way to match your talents with the business that is just right for you. It's not unlike those internet services that match you with another person only here you get to find a business that will fulfill you financially and emotionally. This great site also provides you with the most up-to-date information about what's going on in the business world and which businesses are doing well, while others may be feeling the impact of the economy. You get a complete education on buying a franchise and also information about franchise conventions where you can meet other franchisees and further explore franchise opportunities. Finding the right path hasn't always been very easy, but now it is a whole lot easier to do. Your best franchise opportunities awaits you when you are ready to take that step.

Friday, August 15, 2008

And Now For A Little Girl Talk

Today was a very typical day for me until the mail came. My mailman always comes around 3 PM. I do wish he could deliver the mail earlier, especially on a day like today, but I guess I might as well wish for a million dollars (I'd probably be more likely to get that). In any event, I grabbed the mail and began going through each envelope, but stopped short at one that came from my gynocologist's office. This is never a good thing, especially on a Friday afternoon. Sure enough, when I ripped open the envelope, there was a letter stating that my last Pap smear, which was taken a few weeks ago, came back abnormal. This isn't the first time this has happened, but my last pap smear before that one was normal so I was very surprised, especially when I continued to read on. My doctor wants to perform a coloscopy. In fact, the exact wording was "required". Of course, when I called the office, my doctor wasn't in (she never is on a Friday) and the receptionist told me that the computer was down so basically, I was sh... out of luck until Monday. I have gone through many emotions since this afternoon. I did basically freak out at one point, but since I have been able to make a connection with at least one friend who assured me it's no big deal. She's had two of these tests and then everything was normal. In fact, I've scoured the internet looking for similar scenarios and thankfully, there were tons of recounts from women who basically went through the same thing and, most of the time, it never went further than that. I'm still not entirely at ease, but what can one do on a Friday night other than drink a bottle of wine and eat ice cream and chocolate? I'm thankful to have a very cautious doctor. She has alarmed me on more than one occasion over the last twenty-five years, but I trust her judgment. Ladies, keep your friends close and your gynocologists even closer.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Defense of Ali

Lindsay Lohan has come out fighting over allegations that her younger sister, Ali, had breast implants, as alleged in US Magazine. I would have included the link to that blog post, but Myspace must be inundated with hits today after the news broke that Lindsay was defending her little sis in her blog. US Weekly apparently ran side by side photos of Ali, age fourteen as before and after photos. The photos are very convincing inasmuch as Ali seems to have filled out in a very short period of time. Is it possible that a fourteen year old could even get breast implants? I suppose that it could happen, but how unethical would it be on the part of a parent or a doctor? There's been so much turmoil in this family and having a reality show doesn't help matters at all. It just exposes how dysfunctional things really are and how headstrong mom is to make her babies superstars. I'm sure we've not heard the last of this from any member of the Lohan family.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Truly Timeless

Today is my twenty-first wedding anniversary. It hardly seems like twenty-one years have past, but time goes very quickly. Speaking of time, when we first got engaged we took a trip to a resort in the mountains. It was a free stay over, but we had to listen to a seminar about time shares. We were promised a gift at the end of that seminar and what we got was a miniature grandfather clock. It was actually perfect because we lived in a small apartment at the time so it was well suited for the space we had available. Now you know if you've been reading my blog, I often discuss things like home decor. Well clocks are really a great way to add some character to a room. You definitely don't need to buy a big clock in order to enhance a room. Stylish clocks come in all variations and sizes and, if you have a mantle in your home, think about adding a clock as a centerpiece. If you haven't got a clue as to what style clock would best fit your home, then you are really in for a surprise. There are many styles to choose from. For instance, I recently read a book about Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect. I just found out that there is a collection of clocks that are designed as a tribute to his unique style. If you've been reading my blog regularly, then you also know that I love shopping online. Besides the fact that it is a real time saver, it is also a great way to save on gas, which is still very expensive. Just like everything else I discuss in my blog, you can also purchase a great clock online. In fact, you can probably not only find the clock that just right for your home, but get the best deal. I have a good friend who did just this. She wanted a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock for the longest time and finally found what she was looking for, at a great price, online. Her clock was carefully shipped to her in a timely manner and proudly stands in her entry way. Give yourself and your family the gift of time by adding a beautiful timepiece to your interior design. It's not only a practical item, but it will quickly become a family heirloom to be enjoyed for many generations.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Should We Be Surprised?

I normally don't write about stuff like this, but the latest bombshell that yet another holier-than-thou politician has fallen from grace deserved at least one post from me. So John Edwards cheated on his wife. Should we really be surprised? Some of the most publicly popular politicians like Bill Clinton and former Governor Spitzer, just to name two, were not only cheaters, they exhibited the tendencies of those who are sexually addicted. It would seem to me that such behavior goes with the territory, similar to superstar athletes. Is it is their narcisstic ego that drives them to do such things or that it's just thrown in their face and they just can't help themselves. In Edwards case, it may be that he was coping very poorly with a wife who was suffering from breast cancer. So is this the end of his political career? I doubt it. Somewhere down the road, all will be forgiven. I'm sure in the back of his mind he probably thinks the same thing.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Exercise For Your Cheeks

Do you want to exercise your cheeks? I'm not referring to your face, but rather your butt cheeks. If you do, then you might want to check out Tony Little's Cheek Exercise Sandals. They come in a variety of colors including black, bright pink, aqua and denim blue as well as taupe. They have an adjustable strap and they are very light weight. So how do they exercise your butt cheeks and legs? The design of the sandals incorporates a negative footbed. This is nothing new and has been used in other types of sandals including Birkenstocks. However, the Cheek sandals are much more affordable and there are some great deals if you plan on ordering more than one pair. Tony is also offering free telephone consultation with a personal trainer for one year which he values at about $150. If you have an interest in finding out more about ordering the sandals, then just click

Why She Won't Talk

Mary-Kate Olsen has been in the new lately and it's not because of her fashion savvy, new movie or social scene she's been making. This multi-millionare diva is being sought after by none other than the FBI as they continue their investigation into the death of actor, Heath Ledger. Allegedly, Mary-Kate asked for immunity, before being questioned, otherwise she's not talking. Of course, the FBI are wondering where Heath got all those drugs that were found in his system. Could it be that someone may think that Heath got his drugs from a well-intentioned friend rather than a doctor? It seems all so sordid and makes one wonder why Mary-Kate is being so protective. Mary-Kate is no stranger to the party scene and it has been well-documented that she and Heath were good friends who hung out together, late into the night, at various party spots around NYC. She may have been one of the last people to see him alive as well and she was definitely one of the few people that was contacted when Heath was found unconscious. She allegedly supplied her own security detail that night to be dispatched to his apartment. So why won't she talk? Maybe she has something to hide or is just being protective. Then again, the whole thing may just be bringing up some very bad memories for her. You can be sure the truth will come out soon enough though.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pimp My Babies

As with the birth of their last child, Shiloh, Brad and Angelina have sold the rights to the very first photos of their twins to People magazine. So how much was the asking price this time? Allegedly People is paying Jolie-Pitt 17 million dollars for these pictures. No word of whether these funds are being earmarked for charity, but my guess would be a big yes on that. I suppose if you have to pimp the babies, it might as well be for a good cause.

She Won't Dance

As a follow up to my last post about Kathy Griffin, it is being reported that the D-List star was approached by an A-List show (loud cough!) to make an appearance. "Dancing With The Stars" had apparently approached Kathy about appearing as a celebrity contestants. She reportedly told them in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't do it stating that she couldn't even touch her toes. In the same article it was mentioned that former Vice President, Dan Quayle was also approached but also turned DWTS down.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cemented On The D List

Kathy Griffin has gained lots of attention from her Bravo reality show "My Life on the D List". In fact, she even garnered the much-coveted Emmy Award. The show began as a chronicle of her professional life as well as her personal life with her family and her then husband/manager Matt. Three years later, we are still watching Kathy as she tries desperately to get off the D list. If her show is any indication of reality, then she's not getting off that list any time soon. What started out as a nice balance between her hard-working approach to career (she even performed in Iraq) has turned into a three-ring, or should I say four-ring circus (her and her three personal assistants). I was a big fan early on, but now I'm not so sure how I should feel about Kathy. We rarely see her mom this season and the only other indication that she may actually have a personal life is when she drags on her "boyfriend", billionare Steve Wozniak and that's not saying much. I still think Kathy is great! I just wish I could see a little bit more of the real Kathy every once in a while. It is a reality show afterall.

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