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Friday, March 30, 2007

How To Maximize Your Website's Potential

I have a good friend who started her own gift basket business. She was looking for a way to market the business on the internet and she and I were brainstorming as to how to go about doing this. After doing some research, what we found out through Dallas internet marketing is that it's very important to find a full service web development company who is very experienced at web hosting and website design. Afterall, you want to have an eye-catching website to draw customers in, especially if you are selling gift baskets. We also learned that it's important to find a company that can offer custom graphics and content writing as part of their services. Again, you need people who can maximize the earning potential for your website. Other things we found to look for with a web services company is a company that offers other services like keyword analysis, competitor evaluation and business consulting. Having all these extras really makes a difference in page ranking with Google, Yahoo and MSN. Her goal is to be a successful business woman, and the only way to do that is to have a great website to help her launch her gift basket business.

American Idol Regrets

Chris Sligh, who was recently booted off of 'American Idol' reported in a telephone interview, that he asked the producers if he quit AI, would he still be able to do the tour. Of course, they said no, so he stayed with the show even though he didn't like singing the pop songs. He stated in the interview that he wanted to sing his own compositions with his guitar, but the producers said no. As a result, he had a big problem with the timing of the songs which cost him to lose his slot. He says he will most likely return to his band, but he will be going on tour with AI after this season ends. He also said he made good friends with Sanjaya, and that he respected him because is so young, but very determined.

Paris Did A Very Bad Thing

Paris Hilton may be serving some jail time. Apparently, she violated her probabtion from her DUI by driving with a suspended license. The district attorney in Los Angelos is trying to get her probation revoked which may end up costing her some time in jail. Frankly, I think she needs a reality check, but knowing her she'll turn it into 'The Simple Life' goes to jail. She and Nicole can get matching stripes.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get A Sexy Smile

Beautiful teeth are essential for rolling back the years on your face and for making first impressions. So how do you get that sexy smile? Regular visits to a good dentist is the best place to begin. You need to first have a good examination because this can not only determine if you need any dental work, but also if you have any other health issues. A good cleaning is also essential on a regular basis, and that may be all you need to brighten your smile. However, if it's tooth whitening you need, then go to a dentist first to find out what safe options are available. If you are looking for a very reliable dentist in the Alexandria area, then look no further than Charles Brown dds pc. Charles Brown is an experienced dentists with many awards to his name. He is very experienced in performing root canals which is a good thing because you want a dentist who is very experienced in this area so you don't have to go back and do it over again a few years later. If you need new crowns, then Charles is your man. He received the Quality Care Award as one of the top dentists by the Washington Consumer Council and is a member of the ADA. Your beautiful new smile is just a phone call away.

Pretty Feet

Now that the weather is getting warmer, turn your attention downward towards your feet. If you want to get a professional pedicure, but it's not quite warm enough to wear your flip flops, get the pedicure anyway and ask the manicurist to give you the works minus the polish. You can also just get one coat of clear polish. This way you don't have to worry about ruining your toenail polish. In any event, get your feet ready for those new gorgeous sandals you know you are going to buy. Pretty feet are happy feet and very sexy too!

Dancing With The Stars

'Dancing With The Stars' is back in business and the first to go last night was beautiful Paulina Porizkova. Paulina was quite the famous super model back in the late 80s and early 90s, but then she married Ric Ocasek from the 'Cars' had a couple of kids and has been mostly a stay-at-home mom. She is still gorgeous, but not quite good enough to stay in the competition. I predict that a man will win this competition again. Nevertheless, it's always entertaining and good, clean fun and there's just not enough of that to go around on television.

Experienced Balls

One of the most popular sports is golf. Perhaps it was Tiger Woods that made golf seem chic and hip, but whatever it is, everyone is golfing, including women. Now you may believe that it is a sport for your mother, but that's not true. More and more young women are trying golf and they are very competitive. It is not only a great social sport, but it's a great way to do business. Even Donald Trump, who owns several pristine golf courses, has done some of his best business deals on the golf course. Also, women are finding that golf is a great way to meet men. What better way to meet a guy, especially one who shares the same interests as you. However, golf is not a cheap sport. There are fees to play on a public course, but private clubs are most desirable and rather expensive. There are the cute golf clothes which are also quite expensive and the matching club set which can set you back a pretty penny. So, where can you save money on this sport? On golf balls! Now there is a site where you can purchase used golf balls for a fraction of the cost of brand new ones. As an experienced golfer, you may think this is a bad idea, because a used golf ball with cuts and bruises can spoil your game. However, these golf balls are Grade a, "like new" and in mint condition. You can purchase top quality brands like Titleist, Nike, Callaway and much more. These golf balls are of the highest quality. You can purchase them for as little as thirty cents each if you really want to save money. So if you want to save some money on your favorite sport, then check this site out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Girl's Gotta Shop!

Pay Cage is my brand new affiliate. This great new offers/survey site is eager to get and keep more members so if you want a little extra cash, then join up by clicking on the black banner above. Membership is completely free and registration only takes a minute....bringing you one minute closer to making money by either completely the simple offers and/or adding their referral banner to your own blog. Payouts begin as little as $5 and there is no minimum number of offers you need to complete.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Nascar Women

There have always been female fans of Nascar racing. Afterall, some of the cutest guys in the world are race car drivers. Now, however, Nascar has been garnering more and more female fans who aspire to be drivers themselves. More and more women, especially young women, 16 to 18 are looking to break into the sport of racing cars and more and more, these young women are being accepted into Nascar. Since I don't write about sports, this post isn't about how viable this is for women, but rather the bi-product (or should I say products) that have come out of this growing trend. The fashion industry has been cashing in big-time on this trend by offering fashions that echo the style of Nascar. One industry leader says that her business Pit Stop Shop caters to all women who are fans of racing, not just those who aspire to be racers themselves. In fact, Nascar itself has become a huge pitstop (pun intended) for everything from cute t-shirts and hoodies to expensive sandals and boots and even special leather jackets just for women. Other online retailers are getting involved too like Zappos a popular site for footwear, because the trend is not showing any signs of slowing down. So, even if you are only a minor fan, you may very well find some great t-shirts and tank tops with cute sayings like "Start My Engine". Not a bad ice-breaker either!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Concealing Dark Circles

I've written before on this topic, but it bears repeating since so many people are plagued by dark circles. There are many products on the market that claim to lighten dark circles and they do to some degree, but there are a few things you need to know in advance before trying these products. First of all, examine your lifestyle. Are you eating properly? Are you getting enough sleep at night? Are you consuming more alcohol than you should? All of these issues can lend themselves to the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. Work on doing these things in conjunction with using a product that will deal with lightening the dark circles. Also, there's no need to spend a great deal of money on any of these products. Avon has several eye products which address these issues and they are very reasonably priced. You can search at Avon . Also, Joan Rivers has her own product line which deals specifically with lightening dark spots on face and hands. Now she has a brand new product just for the eyes. Again, you can search at QVC . Just remember one thing when trying these products; use them as directed because using too much of the product may cause irritation or, at the very least, you will be wasting your money by wasting the product; some of these products just aren't moisturizing enough because of their ingredients in which case you should have a moisturizing eye cream to use over the lightening product; give these products a few weeks to work in order to see a difference. As far as concealing dark circles, here is the most popular method used by many make-up artists: apply your foundation first all over your face, including around your eyes, but spread the foundation evenly and lightly by using a sponge and blot excess. After applying foundation, if necessary, use a concealer that is creamy and easy to apply. The best concealers have more than one color in a palette so you can blend the right shade for your skin tone and also for certain times of the year when you are tan. Many more cosmetic companies are making concealers with several shades in a palette. Physician's Advice and Philosophy are just two that are worth checking out at either Ulta or at Sephora. I have an icon in my sidebar for Sephora as they are one of my affiliates so you can use that to search for concealers. Again, use these products sparingly. If you need to apply more for better coverage, then you have the option to do so, but sometimes less is more.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bald Is Beautiful

Apparently, bald is beautiful and when women shave their heads, it shows great strength and indivuality. So maybe Britney didn't do such a bad thing, although her hair is really the least of her worries. If what we read is true, then she is moving towards a better way of life. I believe that she was and is suffering from post-pardum depression (hence all that self-medicating she was doing night after night). She is set to attend regular AA meetings and will share custody with her soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline. By the way, has he not totally stepped up to the plate and been there for her and the kids? Maybe she should re-think this whole divorce thing.

The Complicated Simple Life

Pretty soon the newest season of 'The Simple Life' will premiere on the 'E' Channel. This latest season finds Paris and Nicole as chummy as ever and working as camp counselors (what kind of camp is actually open this time of year I wonder). This, however, is not the juicy gossip from the set. The juice is all about Nicole who has had several near-fainting spells that prompted her to seek treatment at a nearby hospital for dehydration. Apparently, she was quickly released after her fluids were replenished, but the latest news is that she is actually suffering from low blood sugar. This can happen when someone skips meals and/or consumes too much alcohol (both of which can apply with Nicole). She has previously sought treatment for her inability to gain weight (i.e. an eating disorder). Unfortunately, this is a very serious disease that causes death in almost twenty percent of its victims. Nicole and other stars could be wonderful role models for young girls if they would just state the truth and promote the idea that being healthy is much more important than being skinny. The bottom line is though that it's never about food. My hope for her and others who suffer is that they get to the real root of the problem and work towards emotional and physical health once and for all.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Calories - You Do The Math

Recently, I read an interesting fact about calories from a personal trainer. I don't know how true this is, but apparently if you can figure out how many calories you are supposed to be eating a day (let's say 1,600 per day). You would take this number and divide it by the number of hours you are awake during the day (let's say 16 hours). This would mean that you could consume 100 calories per hour for every hour you are awake. Of course, this is not practical, but you get the picture. Just divide your day into the number of sections you want to eat (ideally six small meals) and figure out how many calories each meal should be. I'm not sure if this actually works, but it's worth a try for those who are trying to lose weight.

American Idolgate

There is always some controversy surrounding every season of 'American Idol' and this season is no different. First, there were Antonella's racy photos making the rounds on the internet and now apparently, Howard Stern (the radio personality, not the late Anna Nicole's boyfriend) is urging is many listeners to vote for Sanjaya in an effort to derail the show once and for all. He (Howard) apparently believes that if Sanjaya wins, then the show loses its credibility and will be banished from the air once and for all. Well, this past week Sanjaya barely made it to next week and it is doubtful that he will make it into the top ten unless he pulls a miracle or two out of his butt. In the meantime, expect to see LaKesha and Melinda go nose to nose every week until one of them is the next American Idol.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Protection Business

Years ago, when you thought of anyone who was in the protection business, you thought of those old gangster movies where the bad guy trys to extort money from the small business man for "protection". These days, protection takes on a whole new meaning, especially for any business which has personal and delicate information stored on computers. With an unprecedented rise in security theft, it is very important that companies Access Control and protect their clients' information by hiring a company that only deals in this line of work. One company, which was founded over twenty years ago is the leading provider of security administration solutions for heterogeneous IT environments. What they do essentially is to provide storage and secure access of administrative passwords for multiple servers, applications and network devices. All of these components are backed by technical support so that you can rest assured to get answers when you need them. As one principal of the company recently stated that security is a top priority for their customers and that their goals was to provide a robust, enterprise-class solution with built-in security features to lock down and protect customers' IT environments. This should be of the utmost importance for any business which stores sensitive information on their computers. This type of protection is definitely worth the money.

Working Out With Wii

Is your boyfriend a couch potato who plays endless video games while munching on bag after bag of chips? Would your kids rather sit in front of the TV with their video games than go outside and play ball? If this is the case, then worry no more. Nintendo has it covered with their latest game system, Wii, which includes inter-active games that require the participant to get up and move. Wii, which arrived in stores in November of last year, is probably cheaper than most gym memberships for one person, let alone a whole family. At around $250, everyone can participate in their favorite sport like boxing, golf, tennis and bowling in a way that is not only fun, but which can burn calories. People have reportedly been working up a sweat and actually losing weight by using this game system with the inter-active games. Best of all, the Wii games are brining families together for some old-fashioned game nights. Reportedly, Nintendo is planning on continuing the trend with a fitness pack which will have various work-out programs including pilates and yoga. For more information about how you can maximize your Wii experience, go to

Demystifying The Secret

The Secret has been the topic of conversation on many websites, blogs, and talk shows with both the yeah and naysayers. I've been spending a great deal of time evaluating the ideas set forth in The Secret. I think that some of the controversy comes from the idea that if you want something, you will get it without doing anything else. This is simply not true. The law of attraction is very real, but if you only ask the universe for what you want, you won't get it just by wishing for it, even if you think about it twenty-four hours a day. My own goal is to write an e-book and it will definitely have to do with how to simplify and break down all these ideas and apply them in your own life, not just with ideas, but with action. In my e-book, I will show you exactly how to act so that you can achieve your goals. Unfortunately, the most important part of the Secret....taking action, was pretty much left out of the book and movie. You can be sure there will be a follow-up to the Secret and all those who participated are looking to part with your money so they can be more financially secure. They (those who call themselves experts) will ask you for about $100 more so that they can help you improve your personal and financial life. I will not charge you $100, nor will I charge you one-tenth of that. My time is worth money, but I can tell you that I would rather share the information and make it affordable to you rather than make you spend money you probably don't have. Stick with me and I'll show you how!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Another Great Vacation Idea

If you are looking for yet another great vacation idea, how about taking a trip to Arizona? Arizona is probably one of the hottest vacation spots in the United States right now because of it's amazing geography and wonderful cities. It's also very close to Las Vegas and a quick trip to the Grand Canyon, which you absolutely must see during your lifetime. When searching for Arizona hotels be sure to search by price, class, brand and amenities and, of course, proximity to popular landmarks. One website offers over twenty city guides as well as all major attractions in the most popular cities like beautiful Sedona, Tuscon and Phoenix. There are also many other attractions you may not know about so you will want to find out about those like Oak Creek Canyon and Monument Valley. Arizona is well known for its rich Native American culture. Here you will find the amazing history of our country as well as the most unique Native American artifacts, jewelry and clothing. Because of the incredible geography, there are amazing hiking trails. If you are looking for a resort/spa where you can be pampered, look no further than Arizona which is also well known for those who desire to be pampered. Arizona is a wonderful family vacation, but it's also a great place just for grown-ups to reconnect. Don't forget to take a camera because you will want to capture all the unique textures and colors of this incredible part of our country.

MAC Creates Barbie Magic

MAC Cosmetic Company has created a new line of cosmetics honoring Barbie (yes, the doll). Actually, Mattel has partnered with MAC because MAC needs to use the trademarked name. The cosmetic line is aptly called "Barbie Loves MAC" collection and if you go to any MAC store you will see the sales campaign going on right now. This make-up collection is not for the meek. Actually, it would suit any drag queen just fine with its bright, almost neon crayon lip, eye and nail colors. Great for the younger set, but stay away if you are over the age of 25 otherwise you will look absolutely ridiculous. Like everything MAC, this is cutting edge, but fear not. You will still be able to find all your favorite MAC products right along side the Barbie line.

Healthy And Safe Nail Care

Sally Hansen introduced 'Hard as Nails' fifty years ago. This product revolutionized nail care when it first came out. Now Sally Hansen wants to do it again by introducing toxin-free nail polish. The product is called Salon Nail Lacquer and it delivers all the great things you would expect from Sally Hansen without the poison (toulene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate, which has been linked to birth defects). Thanks to Salley Hansen, this will be one less thing to worry about. Of course, Salley Hansen nail products can be found in most drug and discount stores and sell for very reasonable prices.

More Vacation Ideas

I have a wonderful family, but they are spread all over the place. Most of my family lives in Florida, and, in fact, live about 45 minutes from Orlando. Since we do go down there to visit from time to time, we try to tie in our family visits with some good family vacation fun in Orlando. There are many Orlando hotels to choose from, but since there are four of us, we look for the very best deals possible. There are many great things about Orlando. It's not only a great vacation for families, but it's a popular destination for Spring break. Not only are there 52 theme parks in the Orlando area, but there are some wonderful golf courses, great restaurants and shopping areas. If you really want to go to the beach, it's only about 40 minutes away by car. So while we do want to spend some time with our family, we also want to have some time to ourselves to enjoy the many things available in Orlando. Another great thing about Orlando is that you can go back rather frequently and visit your favorite places like Disney World, but there are always new things added so you feel like it never gets stale. Another great thing is the weather. You can even go at Christmas time and feel comfortable walking around the various theme parks with just a light jacket. However, Orlando is great any time of the year, even Summer. It's a great family vacation whether you have little or big kids like me and it's even a great place for a fun honeymoon.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

How To Create Cheek Bones

If you've been wanting those high cheek bones that you see on models and actresses, let Benefit Cosmetics help you. They have a product which is half bronzer and half highlighter. This is actually a brilliant idea and I don't know why no other company thought of this before Benefit. By swiping the brush over the two colors you can create both shadows and highlights all at the same time. Benefit Cosmetics are available at Sephora or you can click on the Benefit icon in my sidebar to find out more about this great blushing product as well as all the other great products available.

How To Get Bigger Lashes

Bigger lashes are probably the most sought after thing by women, after bigger boobs. I can't help you with the latter, but I can make some suggestions about the former. If you want to get bigger, fatter lashes without spending a fortune, try Cover Girl's Volume Exact Mascara. This fabulous product will give you the bigger lashes you've been wanting without making you look like a clown so it's great for day wear and night wear. For those who want even more, try Flirt's Far Out Lengthening mascara. This mascara will coat each lash with super-saturated color. For those who don't mind spending a bit more money, my new favorit mascara is from Philosophy. Philosophy products can be purchased at Sephora or at QVC.

For Your Gift Giving Consideration

Do you ever wonder what to get your husband, boyfriend, father or brother? Sometimes it seems like that perfect gift is so elusive. However, it doesn't have to be that way. How about giving tickets to a favorite sporting event? Would your husband love to receive Miami Dolphin Tickets? Would you even know where to begin to get those tickets? Now, you can get them conveniently and easily right online. Is your favorite guy a fan of hockey, football or basketball? You can get tickets for those events too right at the same place. Maybe you and your husband will be celebrating an anniversary. How about theatre tickets to the most sought after show, a concert tour, comedy club or even a Las Vegas show? It can be nerve-breaking to go online to that one ticket service that makes you wait forever for tickets to come up that will have you sitting so far away, you won't even see what's going on. Now you can get tickets for premium seating for any sporting, theatre or Las Vegas show. Don't celebrate that special occasion with mediocre seats. Get the very best for your special guy. Remember, what goes around, comes around, so, when it's your turn, you will get special treatment too! Best of all, you won't have to waste time waiting online forever and you won't have to worry about where you will be sitting. Just click and go!

Rising Star

Patience and perserverence has paid off for Star Jones as she will begin working on a new talk show for the fall which will air on Court TV. Star will use her legal background along with her talk show hosting experience to this new show which will air daytime on Court TV. Court TV is trying to build an audience for daytime and they believe that this talk show will begin that trend. Star is very excited and she will also appear on one of the 'Law and Order' series as a prosecutor. All the while, she has held her head high and didn't diss anyone from her past, unlike another talk show host who just can't keep her mouth shut.

What's Up With Rosie?

Yesterday, Rosie O'Donnell announced that she is suffering from depression that arose from the Columbine shooting. This is nothing new. She had announced that she was under treatment for depression back when she had her own talk show. Now she claims that besides medication, she suspends herself from apparatus that allows her to hang upside down for up to an hour a day. She also practices yoga. She says she also suffers from SAD, a bi-product of not being exposed to enough bright sunlight. Gray days bring her down she says (maybe those are the days she should take off from the View). In any event, although I have complete compassion for anyone who suffers from any emotional health issue, I believe her PR reps are trying to do some damage control since her popularity is questionable right about now. Maybe she should read 'The Secret' and learn how to forgive everyone who has ever hurt her and be grateful for what she has. Then again, she would have to find a new identity.

We're Going To Disney

You know those commercials where the winning team member of baseball or football is asked what they will do next and they say "I'm going to Disney World"? Well, you know that these people never had to wait in a line to get tickets, so why should you? Now, you don't have to. When you want to travel to Orlando, get your Disney World Tickets online. Here you will find the very best discount tickets that will allow you to plan your family vacation without having to miss out on something because you couldn't get tickets. With a little planning, you can get tickets for Disneyquest, Downtown Disney, Pleasure Island, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks. You wouldn't want to miss out on any of these great and fun events, so get your tickets online ahead of time and take the worry out of your planning. You don't have to stop there either. You can also book great dinner shows like Arabian Nights or Medieval Times. Also, if you want to visit the Kennedy Space Center or Universal Studios, you can take care of that all at the same website. Before you know it your vacation will be fully planned ahead of time, you will have saved yourself some money and you and your family won't have to be disappointed that you couldn't get tickets. Why take chances? With a little planning ahead of time, you can have the same great time as any superstar athlete.


One of my very favorite skincare lines is from Oil of Olay. Their Regenerist line of anti-aging products has been lauded as one of the very best for the money. These product, with use over time, will reveal younger-looking skin. The products can be found in drug and discount stores with most components selling for under $20.00. Now the Regenerist line will feature even more products selling under the name 'Touch of Sun'. In fact, Oil of Olay is so sure of their 'Touch of Sun' products that it has extended it to their Total Effects line as well. From the name you can tell that these products will contain a little bit of self tanning product that will give you a sun-kissed look as well as younger-looking skin. Just look for the packaging for Regenerist and Total Effects that say 'Touch of Sun'. Sounds like a great way to ease into spring and summer.

Paint It Red

The color red will still be very hot this spring. You will continue to see it in clothing, but most especially, it will be seen on your lips. The premiere cosmetic company that practically invented red lipstick, Channel, has a tube that will run you around $30. That's very steep to get a little color, but you can get the same look from L'Oreal for around $6 at Target Megastore in Red Colour. Maybelline's Superstay lip color in Flame sells for around $10 and Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love that Red sells for around $8. For those who want a more sheer look in red, try Rimmel's Loud Mouth lipgloss in Kiss of Death for $6.00 for a shiney, glossy red mouth. Also, Cover Girl has a sheer lip color in Fire Shine for around $6.00.

Romantic Get Away

Unlike me, you might be looking for a romantic getaway that is completely different, unique and tropical. One way to do this is to charter a catamaran cruise in the Caribbean. I have done this once and all I can say is there is nothing that comes close to it in terms of luxury. One company that can handle your special vacation has a catamaran called Scubadu. Their company can book your cruise on Scubadu out of St. John or St. Thomas. Your St Thomas sailing charter will include your captain, a gourmet chef, beautiful acccommodations, diving equipment and much more. Best of all, these wonderful vacations are more affordable than you think and, like many other kinds of vacations, you can book them online. Furthermore, if you are looking for a very unique honeymoon idea, then this would be it. Imagine the amazing photos you will bring back to your family with this great vacation that is really a one of a kind experience. Why go on a huge cruise boat and be lost in the crowd when you can take a romantic sail around the beautiful blue Caribbean on a private boat. You are special and you deserve to do this for you and your loved one. Once you go, you will never forget your wonderful experience.

The Secret To Attracting Money

I've been immersed in the Secret now for the past several weeks and I can tell you that I have already began to feel the process working for me in many areas. Many people turn to the Secret to attract more money into their lives. The Secret to attracting money is to visualize yourself having money to buy what you want and to not concentrate on paying bills. Whatever your thoughts are, that is what you will attract. If you think about bills, you will get more bills. If you think about attracting money, you may just get more of that. In order to entice readers to put this to the test, The Secret website has provided you with a blank check from the Bank of the Universe. Just print it out and fill in the amount you want and see what happens. You can get your own blank check at The Secret.

Designs By Madonna

Madonna will continue her partnership with H&M with all new designs for her exclusive clothing line. Her spring line includes a sassy trenchcoat for around $99, an Asian inspired dress for around $70, a leather jacket for under $200, a wrap dress for around $35 and a long dress for around $70. The line is in classic black and white and Madonna herself personally designed many of these items. H&M plans to unveil her spring collection on March 22nd. Madonna began a partnership with H&M during her last tour and reportedly was introduced to them through her good friend, designer, Stella McCartney, who also has designed for H&M in previous years.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How To Save Money And Cash Back

There is one great website that is dedicated to saving you money at over 800 stores. Ebates is a fabulous place to shop and membership is completely free. When you shop online with Ebates you can not only save money at all your favorite stores, but you have the chance to earn up to 24% cash back on your purchases. Best of all, the sales commissions from Ebates can be turned into a big fat check which will be mailed directly to you. It's money in the bank, all while you shop online. Are you going on vacation soon and need to rent a car? Get car rental coupons from Ebates so you can save money on your car rental and earn cash back while doing it. CNN calls using Ebates a "no brainer". All you need to access the great deals from over 800 stores is an e-mail address. You can literally save thousands of dollars every year on things you are already buying. This truly is a no brainer so you can stop feeling guilty about shopping when you do it through Ebates.

Great Smelling Faux Tan

Faux tans are all the rage, all year long, but some of these products smell awful. Worse yet, the smell stays on your skin which can make you feel very self conscious. The additive that causes the funny smell is DHA and many products have this additive, but one company, Jergen's, has figured out a way to mask the smell with a soft honeysuckle scent. Their Soft Shimmer Moisturizer will not only leave your skin soft and smooth, but you will smell great and, over a few days of use, you will develop a soft and natural looking tan. This is the perfect anecdote for a long, gray winter. You can find this and other Jergen's products at all drug and discount stores so they are easy to get and are very reasonably priced.

Great Smelling Faux Tan

Faux tans are all the rage, all year long, but some of these products smell awful. Worse yet, the smell stays on your skin which can make you feel very self conscious. The additive that causes the funny smell is DHA and many products have this additive, but one company, Jergen's, has figured out a way to mask the smell with a soft honeysuckle scent. Their Soft Shimmer Moisturizer will not only leave your skin soft and smooth, but you will smell great and, over a few days of use, you will develop a soft and natural looking tan. This is the perfect anecdote for a long, gray winter. You can find this and other Jergen's products at all drug and discount stores so they are easy to get and are very reasonably priced.

Getting Mileage Out Of Your Haircolor

If you color your hair, and who doesn't, then you might be wondering how you can keep your haircolor fresh in between touch ups. Many hair stylists will tell you to wait three days before shampooing your hair, after color, but if you can stretch it out to three you will give the pigment a chance to fully penetrate and seal itself in the hair shaft. Matrix has a line of products which can help elongate the life of your hair color. The product line is called Shade Memory and you will find both shampoos and conditioners in various shades to help keep color fresh by removing luster-busting buildup and enrich hair without dulling the base. Matrix hair care products can be found at most better salons and at Ulta.

Winter Dreams

With a good portion of the country covered under many feet of snow, you might be thinking, "I can't possibly go through another Winter like this!". If so, maybe you will be wanting to re-locate to a warmer climate like Florida, or, more specifically, Orlando, Florida. The first thing you want to do is contact an Orlando Realtor in order to find the perfect home for you and your family. You might be surprised to know that Orlando is a part of Florida that has a rich history that dates back more than 150 years. Originally, it was much like any other part of our country, with cattle raising, Indian wars, gun fights and gambling. In 1880 the South Florida railroad extgended its line down to Orlando and that changed that area dramatically. Today, Orlando welcomes over more visitors than the population of California (over 43.3 million people). Although the area boasts the most theme parks and vacation spots than any other place, there are also great communities with both old-fashioned charm as well as cutting edge communities with excellent schools. This makes Orlando one of the most desirable destinations for anyone who is re-locating. There are job opportunities and a great environment to raise a family and spend your leisure time. One thing is for sure, your extended family will gladly come and visit you so make sure you get a home with extra room!

Advice For Highly Sensitive People

Has anyone ever accused you of being too sensitive? Perhaps you really are, but there's no need to fret. You may be part of the twenty percent of the overall population which are highly sensitive. What will determine this? Are you overly sensitive to loud noises and bright lights? Do you hate crowded shopping malls or restaurants? Are you sensitive to other peoples' emotions? Do you have a problem dealing with crisis situations? If so, you may be highly sensitive. Be proud of it though! Highly sensitive people are also very intelligent and gifted. They love beautiful music and art and are sympathetic to others in ways many people can't be. However, you may have problems coping on a daily basis. If so, there's a book that can help you cope called 'The Highly Sensitive Person's Companion' by Ted Zeff, PH.D. This great book will help you develop better coping skills so that you can enjoy life to your fullest. You can purchase this book at most book sellers, including Amazon.

Making Microdermabrasion Affordable

Microdermabrasion is nothing new. It's been around for quite a few years, but was only available in a doctor's office with a hefty price tag. The point of microdermabrasion is to slough off dead skin cells so that newer, fresher-looking skin can be revealed. The results will make your skin appear younger and alleviate that dull complexion that so many women suffer from, especially this time of year. Now, there are two new products that you can buy in any drug or discount store to help you achieve what was once beyond reach. Both Roc and Neutrogena have microdermabrasion products that come in the form of a two-sided pad. One side, when moistened, will scrub away dead skin cells, while the other side will smoothe and soothe your skin. The results will amaze you considering the convenience and cost. These products are great for women of any age.

Sharing A Hobby Can Be A Very Bonding Experience

A good friend of mine had a mom who was an avid doll collector. She began collecting dolls when my friend was a young girl and she and her mom began to share this precious hobby. Her mother became quite a famous doll collector and was well-known at many of the doll shows she attended over the years. Now that her mom has passed away, my friend has carried on this hobby and continues to meet many wonderful people at all the doll shows she attends and, more importantly, keeps the spirit of her mom alive. Now you can experience the wonder of collectible dolls with your own child by collecting BEGOTH Dolls. These unique collectible dolls are only 7 inches tall, but are painstakingly constructed of highly detailed vinyl. These dolls are uniquely fashioned and include five different dolls whose costumes are meticulously sewn. With collectible dolls there are only a limited number produced and this, of course, makes them more valuable once the series sells out. This could be a fun way of sharing a hobby with a loved one and/or by making new friends from this fun hobby. There's no telling where it will take you so have some fun with it.

Go To Hollywood

Edy's Ice Cream wants you to buy their ice cream and possibly win tickets to Hollywood for the 'American Idol' finale. Edy's has a new line of American Idol Ice Cream products. You can choose from Choc N'Roll Caramel, Hollywood Cheesecake, Soulful Sundae Cone, Triple Talent or Take the Cake. Your grand prize will include airfare, limo service and hotel accommodations. There are many other prizes you can win including an American Idol party for up to 75 of your friends and family with a former AI contestant. At the very least, you can get to taste some yummy new ice cream flavors from Edy's. You can go to Edy's for more information.

Idol Camp

With 'American Idol' fever, comes all things 'American Idol'. Now, would-be idols between the ages of 12 and 15 can attend Idol Camp in Northfield, Massachusets this summer. This new venture from the growing conglomerate that is 'American Idol' will offer master classes from surprise celebrity performing artists and former AI contestants. There will be daily instruction in a variety of classes as well as your usual camp activities. There will be four ten day sessions which will cost around $2,900. The catch to this camp is that the pricetag does not guarantee admittance. Applicants must display passion and enthusiasm for their art, although a personal audition is not required. Sounds like an ulcer in the making, but if you have a budding entertainer, then this might be worth looking into. Just go to Idol Camp for more information.

Great Investment Opportunity For Women

There's a no-brainer investment for women, that will not only yeild them earnings, but is fun to buy. Silver is a great investment. There is one company, called Monex, which has been a leader in silver and other precious metals for over 30 years. Right now, there may never be a better time to buy silver. The reason is simple; the demand for silver now exceeds the annual production and above-ground stockpiles of silver bullion are low and shrinking rapidly and possibly may approach zero in the near future. What does this mean to you? If you invest in silver you will see your investment grow in value over the years. You can purchase silver in two forms; either coin form or ingot form of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Monex can arrange to have your silver investment personally delivered to you or arrange to have it deposited in an independent bank or depository. As women, we owe it to ourselves to investigate all forms of investment so that we can insure our safe financial future. Investing in silver is just one such way to do this for yourself. If nothing else, it's important to educate yourself and this is a great way to begin!

A Dismal View

Once again, Rosie is on the attack, but this time, she is picking on co-host, Elizabeth. The topic at hand is whether or not the government has the right to listen in on our phone conversations. Elizabeth, feels that if the government can monitor any wrong-doing against our country, then she is all for monitoring phone conversations. Of course, Rosie completely disagrees (what a surprise...not!), but scolded Elizabeth for being far too young to understand the consequences of such acts. Elizabeth shot back that Rosie is guilty of ageism. Although I don't agree with Elizabeth's politics, I agree with her that Rosie has not right to use Elizabeth's age against her. Score one for Elizabeth!

Leave Britney Alone

Since I haven't been blogging on a regular basis up until now, I thought I would post my two cents about Britney Spears. I believe her shaved head says it all..."leave me alone". This is a woman who is in crisis and needs to heal from whatever ails her. She may or may not have a substance abuse problem, or she may have been self-medicating to relieve symptoms of post-natal depression. Whatever the cause, she needs breathing space and having the media constantly judge her every nuance has to be nerve-breaking. I never thought I would say this, but thank God for Kevin Federline. Ultimately, he still loves her and I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a reconciliation somewhere down the road. In the meantime, the photo I posted, is of how I would like to remember her.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Vacation Destination

It is bitter cold here in the Northeast this week, and, of course, to keep myself from becoming too depressed, I am already planning our vacation. My son will be graduating high school so we want to take our family on an extra-special vacation to mark the occasion. What we are looking for is an all inclusive resort that will be both enjoyable, yet affordable. Of course, there are many websites that offer these trips, but some are not so reliable. Then there is a place where you can book your all inclusive travel with a customized booking engine that sets it far above its competitors. When you go to this website, you will see compelling visual images as well as virtual tours (my favorite part). You will get the in-depth information about amenities and accommodations that you need to make your final decision. You can also read resort ratings from travelers and get the latest on hot deals. We are looking to travel to Jamaica so I will definitely be checking it out to get the very best for the least amount of money. Paradise is just one click away and with this cold, cold weather, that's a very nice thought!

Find Your Fitness On TV

I've written about many fitness gurus who sell their products on television and online, some for mega bucks. Suppose you really want to get in shape, but can't afford to shell out the money for these products. That's where FitTV from the Discovery Network comes in. Almost all day long, you can work out between 30 and 60 minutes with some of the best instructors in all areas of fitness including yoga, step, body building and more. Most cable and satellite companies carry the Discovery channels and FitTV is part of their family. For more information or for interactive workouts, you can go to FitTV .

Dove From Head To Toe

Dove's real beauty campaign has paid off for them in so many ways. They have highlighted many "real" women over the last year; young and old, big and small, in every color. Their body care products have been selling very well and they offer many varieties for moisturizing as well as anti-aging. Now, they want to do the same thing for your face. Their new facial products can be found at drug and discount stores. Most of the line sells for under $10, far less than other drug store favorites from Oil of Olay. They have a cleanser, creams and a serum which contains natural products like olive oil to smooth and soften skin. The sizes of the products are also very generous for the money, making them an excellent value. You can check them out at Dove.

What To Buy For That New Baby

As a computer teacher for very young children, I often come in contact with moms who are expecting. One mother was expecting her third child in four short years. She already had two boys under the age of five and she suspected that number three was also a boy. I told her that I thought this was good news since she wouldn't need to buy any new items for the new baby, but this was apparently not the case. It seems that both boys were born at different times of the year so nothing would be appropriate for this winter baby who probably needs everything from onsies to a snowsuit. It made me realize that we should never take for granted that mothers with multiple children can't use new baby items and clothing. They deserve all the pampering and excitement of opening baby gifts that new moms get to experience. So where do you go to buy baby gifts? Why shop online, of course! You can find everything you would ever need for either a first-time mom, or for a mom who is expecting her second, third or fourth child. Not only can you make it easier for yourself, but you can have your gifts delivered directly to her so she doesn't have to leave the house with all her other kids in tow. What could be easier? Remember, every mom deserves to be pampered, so shop online for all your baby gift needs!

The Meaning Of Farce

This past weekend, we rented some movies from Blockbuster. Of course, the pickings were slim, but we did find one movie that I can't remember ever seeing advertised in movie theatres. 'The Farce of the Penguins' is, of course, a take-off of 'March of the Penguins'. The master-mind behind this farce, is comedian, Bob Saget, who probably called everybody in his address book to take part in this farce, which is definitely not for children. Besides Saget, as the main character, Carl, you will hear the voices of Christina Applegate, Tracy Morgan, Lewis Black, Whoopie Goldberg, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin and Gilbert Gottfried just to name a few. I know some people may find this movie a bit crass, but frankly, it is great fun if all you really want to do is laugh and there's some great stock footage of real-life penguins as they do their thing. So, if you are looking for your favorite blockbuster, but they're all out, check out 'Farce of the Penguins'.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Secrets Of The Secret

Again, forgive me for my belated post. I haven't yet figured out how to access blogger from my own computer, so I use my work computer to write these posts. This past week, I have been immersed in 'The Secret'. For those who don't know (and you have to be living under a rock not to know about this book/DVD), 'The Secret' is really about how to tap into the laws of the universe, or, more importantly, into the laws of attraction in order to change your life. It really all begins with your brain and how you think. Some great exercises to do in order to begin your journey toward abundance is to start a journal. Every day write five things you are grateful for. Use the other half of the journal to ask the universe for what you really want in life; a better job, a loving relationship, a new car, new house, more money to pay bills. Be very clear about what you want and tap into the frequency of energy that will lead you to your best possible life. For more information about 'The Secret', go to and sign up for a free online course to be given weekly.

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